The International House North Denmark: Who are they and how can they help you?

by Aske M. Randa
Photo: The International House North Denmark
Photo: The International House North Denmark

The International House North Denmark is a good resource for internationals.

They offer comprehensive information, support, and assistance in making your transition to North Denmark as smooth as possible.

Whether you are an international student, a full-time worker, or a job seeker, the International House North Denmark is here to guide you through your journey in this vibrant and welcoming region of Denmark.

Who are they?

The International House North Denmark, which is a part of Aalborg Municipality, is a collaborative effort between several Danish municipalities, educational institutions, and other public and private organizations.

The house’s mission is to provide tailored support and information to international newcomers, ensuring that they seamlessly integrate into the local community, excel in their studies or careers, and enjoy a rewarding life in North Denmark.

Their team is composed of professionals with a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that international residents may encounter. They are dedicated to making North Denmark an inclusive and diverse community, where everyone can thrive.

How can they help?

The International House North Denmark offers a wide range of services and resources to assist you in your journey:

  • Information and orientation: One of their primary services is to provide newcomers with up-to-date information about living and working in North Denmark. This includes information on residence permits, healthcare, education, housing, and more. Their goal is to help you navigate the bureaucratic processes and make informed decisions.
  • Integration support: They offer programs and events that facilitate integration into the local community. With guidance from language courses to cultural events, they aim to help you connect with fellow internationals and locals, fostering a sense of belonging.
  • Career and entrepreneurial support: If you are seeking employment or you’re an entrepreneur looking to start a business in North Denmark, the International House North Denmark can help you with job searching, CV optimization, and guidance on starting and running a business.
  • Education assistance: If you’re pursuing an education in North Denmark, the employees can guide you through the application process, help you find suitable programs, and assist with questions related to student life.
  • Social and networking events: The International House organizes events and activities that promote networking, cultural exchange, and a deeper understanding of the Danish way of life. These events are great for meeting new people and creating a support network.
  • Personalized consultations: You can schedule one-on-one consultations with their experts if you have specific questions or needs. They will work with you to address your unique situation and provide tailored solutions.

If you are ready to embark on your journey in North Denmark or have questions about life in the region, feel free to reach out to the International House North Denmark. Their team is dedicated to making your experience as positive as possible.

Contact information:

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Phone: +45 9931 1530

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