The king of roast pork burgers: Umut scouts locations for wild restaurant in Aalborg

by Ashton Christensen

You might know celebrity-chef Umut Sakarya from the Danish TV show Vild med Dans (Dancing with the stars).

Or you might’ve seen that he recently traveled over the Atlantic with Lars Løkke in a reality show. 

Or did you watch when he won Masterchef? 

Umut has a talent for enchanting people and hitting them right in the heart.

Why? Because Umut is funny, honest and he’s an amazing cook.

He is known as Copenhagen’s king of roast pork burgers and gravy.

The culinary-gods heard our prayers

So far, it’s just the Copenhageners who’ve had the opportunity to taste his insane “flæskesteg” (roast pork), Wienerschnitzel, exquisite gravy, and béarnaise.

But now, it seems the culinary-gods heard our prayers from Aalborg. 

There is a good chance that the well-known chef, with many followers on social media, will open a version of his famous restaurant Guldkroen right here in town.

Yesterday, MyAalborg received videos from people who had spotted Umut and his business partners Frank Svärd and Mads Christian Friis in Aalborg.

Amongst other things, they were looking at the rooms inside Restaurant Buffalo in Borgergade, which is being closed after many years.

The following Monday, Umut Sakarya confirmed plans for opening a restaurant like nothing we’ve ever seen in Aalborg. 

“What happened in “Aalleren” was that we were out looking for locations so we can give Aalborg some swine,” Umut said with his charismatic humor.

Here Umut and Frank Svärd are looking at Restaurant Buffalo’s rooms in Borgergade.

He is hoping for an adventure in Aalborg. 

“It simply came to our attention.

I’ve brought my partner (Mads Christian Friis) – who Aalborg knows very well. He said; this city is above them all,” Umut said. 

Wants a place that’s open until 02:00

Mads Christian Friis, who has great expertise in opening restaurants and nightclubs, adds that they are open to all possibilities in Aalborg.

“It was fascinating to view the various locations in Aalborg.

But we’re definitely open to more possibilities in the city. We primarily want a large enough location for 100 – 200 people, which can stay open until 02:00.

The thought is that there should be a Guldkroen as a restaurant and a Guldgrillen by its side as takeaway,” Mads Christian Friis, former creative director and partner in REKOM, explained to MyAalborg.

In Copenhagen, the celebrity-chef has made Guldgrillen one of Copenhagen’s best places for classic Danish food. 

This is where Birthe Kjær, Johnny Reimar, and other Danish top-artists held a big event with classic Danish food.

Umut is also the one who opened Guldkebab in Copenhagen where he among other things serves a one-meter-long Durum. 

One thing is for sure. When Umut goes all in, any project is guaranteed to be above and beyond. In fact, the bigger, the better.

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