The obvious Christmas trip: Aalborg to London for 150kr,-

by Ashton Christensen

Although Aalborg is brilliant during the Christmas months, it can be tempting to take a little trip out into the world.

After unclear travel restrictions, there is now hope for the adventurous among us.

Aalborg Airport is offering flights from Aalborg to London for just 150kr.

Christmas trip for under 500 kr.

We’ve run a check on ticket prices, and naturally, there’s a big difference depending on when you would like to travel.

If you’re looking for a trip by the end of November, you might just be able to celebrate the first Sunday of Advent in London.

If you travel from Thursday the 25th of November to Sunday the 28th of November, you can get well-priced tickets as cheap as 208kr. The return journey is also 208kr. 

In the first week of December, the prices rise (especially for the return journey), but already on Thursday the 13th of December; you can still fly out for just 248kr and return the same way on Sunday for the same price.

These prices were found through Momondo, but Ryanair also offers great flights for Aalborg-London.

You can read the current Denmark-UK travel advice right here.

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