The people of Aalborg have spoken: Here are the city’s best iced coffees

by Shellie Boudreau

What do you do when a sizzling heatwave hits the city?

As a start, you begin to look for ways to cool down, even just a little, and maybe there are delicious options.

One of our go-to methods is to combine the energizing effects of caffeine with cold milk, ice cubs, a shot of syrup or two for a boost, and yes, even ice cream!

Of course, we are referring to iced coffee which is a sure hit in the Paris of the North.

Previously we posted guides to the city’s best iced coffees and where you can find them. This time we made a guide by asking our readers – there is no better way. 

We asked our readers on Instagram for their recommendations, and we were surprised at how quickly the suggestions rolled in.  The list included all sorts of locations from Cirkle K to McDonald’s … and everything inbetween. 

So we sorted through them and made a lit of the top five.

Behag Din Smag, Gabels Torv

It was evident that Behag Din Smag was named most often. And we are not surprised.

So, let’s proceed with the details of greatness.

Behag Din Smag has all the earmarks of a real coffee house. They have gone all-in and engaged fully in the art of coffee.

In fact, our own iced coffee favorite, the classic Iced Coffee Latte, can be found here. The Iced Coffee Latte includes a double shot of espresso, ice cubes, your choice of milk, and their fabulous homemade vanilla sugar.  

Their summer menu offers a range of excellent iced coffees. You may find it tempting to try the Coffee Mocca Frappé, which includes homemade espresso chocolate syrup.

The prices are around 45 kr for an iced coffee.

Fru Ronne, Reberbansgade

If you are frequenting Aalborg’s fantastic food street (that is, Reberbansgade) then surely you must swing by Fru Ronne.

There is a boutique offering, amongst many other specialties, chocolates, caramels, and ceramics. One of those specialties is iced coffee which the people of Aalborg praise. 

Fru Ronne’s version of the popular drink is served with an unmistakable taste of vanilla. This ice coffee is perfectly creamy. And if you prefer a slightly sweeter ice coffee then this is for you.   

The exact recipe remains a secret that we can accept. Fru Ronne and her coffee crew are friendly and sweet. No wonder we can’t help but visit again and again. 

WeFeat, Boulevarden

Many iced coffees spike our blood sugar from all the syrups, ice, and sugar that makes us go “mhmm”.

However, this is not the case at the New York-inspired food bar, WeFeat, that our readers recommended repeatedly.

WeFeat uses 100% organic and natural ingredients – even for their iced coffee.

There are three iced coffee versions to choose from—two classics: the iced coffee and iced latte.  But there is a third among our favorites – the  Perfect Coffee Shake, which is rich enough to be a meal.

The shake is a combo of espresso, espresso beans, dates, banana, and vanilla soya drink. 

“Wtf?!” you might think  – relax and give the shake a chance. It is superb! 

The Perfect Coffee Shake is 55 or 65 kr. – depending on the size.

If you prefer the classic, then you can get one for 25 kr for the rest of the summer.

BACO, Nørregade, Budolfi Plads, and Stjernepladsen

“Best value!” many reports when we asked you about your favorites.

That is what BACO does. The iced coffee varieties go for 30 kr at BACO.

In a to-go cup, you get a classic iced coffee that tastes as it should. There is no hocus pocus here, but you can give it some pizzazz by choosing oat or almond milk or a shot of syrup. 

Aside from being inexpensive and tasty, BACOs’ iced coffee is super convenient when walking the streets of Aalborg. 

BACO can be found on Nørregade, at Budolfi Plads and a newly opened location on Stjernepladsen.

We highly recommend you stop by when you are out and about the streets of Aalborg, enjoying the summer weather.

Surdejsbageren, Budolfi Plads

Perhaps you wish to step up your iced coffee experience with a delicious piece of freshly baked sourdough bread. Then look no further.

Yes, bakeries make good coffee, too – that is what our loyal and trustworthy followers tell us.

At Surdejsbageren, the iced coffee is organic and brewed with its own beans.

If you are in the mood for a sweet version, you can choose from various syrups. Amongst them is a homemade blueberry version. This addition tastes surprisingly good in combo with a classic coffee flavor. 

The price for an iced coffee is 40 kr. But there are summer offers at the bakery. Follow the bakery on social media for exceptional (and extra cheap) iced coffee offers.

FYI! The iced coffees on this top five list are generated from our followers on Instagram. If your favorite iced coffee is missing from the list, please share your comments with us on Facebook.

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