The tickets are flying off the shelves: Join “Knit Jazz” with a fjord view

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

In a world filled with hectic work lives, many are seeking tranquility through home-based hobbies.

A trend, once reserved for the older generation, is knitting. Many are embracing this ancient craft that contributes to creative immersion and keeps hands busy with something other than scrolling on a phone.

Knitting has also become a genuine community for many, and this is well-known at the Utzon Center on the waterfront.

A truly unique experience

Here, they once again invite you to the mega success “Knit Jazz,” which sold out in a split second last time.

At Utzon’s knit jazz event, Albert Reinholdt returns to demonstrate how jazz music and knitting patterns can come together in unity.

During this afternoon, he will talk about improvisational knitting, about ’embracing your mistakes,’ and how knitting can be a meditative experience.

Utzon and Albert Reinholdt themselves refer to it as a meditative knitting session in the center’s most beautiful space with a view over the Limfjord.

The cost to participate is only 100 kroner and 60 kroner for students. Additionally, you can opt to purchase both coffee and wine from the fantastic Restaurant Jørn.

Ticket purchase includes entrance to the exhibition and the Utzon Center on the same day, so you can also explore the place before and after the event.

What: Knit Jazz with Albert Reinholdt
Where: Utzon Center
When: Feb 4, 2024, from 15:00 to 17:00
Tickets can be purchased here.

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