The ultimate guide: Here are Aalborg’s best sledding hills

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

The snow has hit Aalborg and Northern Jutland. In addition to the opportunity to make a perfect snow angel or a beautiful snowman, you must not miss the chance for a sledding adventure on one of Aalborg’s many awesome sledding hills.

But where do you find them?

Don’t worry, we’ve created a detailed guide to the best ones in Aalborg.

If you have a favorite that’s missing from the list, please share it with us in the comments on Facebook.

Vandbakken, Eternitten: Many might know the hills at Eternitten as a place to go if you want to get your lungs pumping and, especially, activate those glute muscles when climbing the city’s longest staircase.

A little behind that steep hill, however, is a hill that is ideal for sledding.

The hill is approximately 25 meters high, 300 meters long, and with a really good slope if you want it to go fast!

Mølleparken, near Aalborg Zoo: If you’re already out to experience the fantastic “Christmas in the Zoo,” you might as well strap the sled to the roof and, in the same go, take a ride on the many good hills just behind the Zoo.

The hills are not quite as “endless” as Vandbakken, so your sled should ideally have brakes – unless you don’t mind flying into a bush.

Fortunately, there are also smaller (but steep!) hills in the area, especially fun for the younger kids, that end right in Mølleparken.

Signalbakken in Vejgaard: Signalbakken is actually an old burial mound, but nonetheless, it’s perfect as a sledding hill.

The hill is 52 meters high with a dazzlingly beautiful view of the city and is many people’s preferred destination for the annual sledding trip.

If there are too many people, you can easily find another good hill in the area, so just get going!

Sogngårdsholmsparken: No sledding hill guide without the one and only Sogngårdsholmsparken!

Here, the sledding hills are practically lined up to be used, and the area is so huge that it’s hard to run out of good places.

In fact, Sohngårdsholmsparken is relatively unknown to many despite its size, so we naturally also encourage a walk in the snowy landscape afterward… if you have the energy.

Bundsgårdsparken in Aalborg East: In Bundgårdsparken, there are big and small hills, catering to both daredevils and those who want a calm sledding experience.

You’ll find Bundgårdsparken between Vejgaard and Aalborg East.

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