The Zoo finally opened: See the photos here

by Megan McPhee Christensen

The much anticipated Christmas at the Zoo has finally opened.

Corona has put a stop to many things but this year’s light festival remains – and it’s even bigger and more beautiful than before.

This year, it includes a cozy Christmas workshop with a focus on good-old North Jutland craftsmanship, creativity, and exciting opportunities.

As something new, the atmospheric light walk will also be expanded with a large Christmas workshop for the whole family. Here, there will be inspiration for everything Christmas-related; from the decorations to the food and gifts – both the homemade and the ready-made varieties.

Guests in the Christmas workshop are invited into the creative process and will be able to make their own Christmas presents or cut and paste their own homemade Christmas decorations.

In the Christmas workshop, you will also meet Aalborg Zoo’s own members and become much wiser about the animals in the Zoo. And if you just want to rest your legs and enjoy some Christmas goodies, then there is also the opportunity to do so in a small café.

“From the beginning, it has been our ambition to keep developing Christmas at the Zoo year by year, and one of the many innovations this year is the Christmas Workshop.

Here we would like to present some of all the good things North Jutland has to offer, and we have put a lot of focus on having a wide selection of activities and exhibitors, so there are experiences for all generations,” Henrik Vesterskov Johansen, Director of Aalborg Zoo, says.

A fantastic Christmas universe

In the Christmas workshop, there will thus be a wonderful mix of cozy Christmas activities with ideas for Christmas decorations, creative gifts, tempting Christmas goodies, and great local ingredients – so the Christmas joy can be seen, smelled, and tasted throughout the workshop.

“We are really happy that we can join Christmas at the Zoo this year. The lights, the animals, and the atmosphere are a wonderful family experience, and we want to be a part of and contribute to that experience.

In our universe, Christmas should be homemade and delicious, full of lights and gold and of course lots of tinsel, and that fits really well with Christmas in the Zoo,” Jonas Hütscher-Hejlesen from Penny Lane says.

Exhibitors visit the zoo

Recycling and sustainability are themes that can be seen in several places during this year’s Christmas in the Zoo, especially at Better World Fashion, which will contribute with an exciting range of sustainable recycled fashion.

“For me, Christmas at the Zoo is a fantastic opportunity to show our products in the local area alongside other creative and innovative North Jutland companies, which also stand for thoughtfulness and good craftsmanship,” Thomas Thomsen from Better World Fashion explains.

However, the Covid-19 restrictions in the North Jutland municipalities have presented some challenges for some of the companies, but luckily others have risen to the challenge at short notice. There will therefore be some changes in the exhibitors when the restrictions are hopefully lifted in December.

Remember that this year you have to buy a ticket from home.

These are the companies you can meet there throughout November and December:

  • Art by Me
  • Better World Fashion
  • Bolcheriet
  • Dalgaard Art
  • D’Wine
  • Gavlhuset
  • Great Greenland
  • Gjøl Bigård
  • Mollwitz Mjød
  • Nordisk – Naturens Forråd
  • Nordjysk Vinimport
  • Penny Lane
  • Woodii
  • Aalborg Zoos guides

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