They will scare you to death: Are you ready for the spookiest thrill in Aalborg?

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

On September 11, Aalborg Carnival and AKKC revealed that they have joined forces to create the wildest horror event to date. 

The halls under the gigantic Aalborg Congress & Culture Center (AKKC) will be converted into the organizer’s largest horror production to date. 

The scary experience will take place under the glow of a full moon on the weekends of the 23+24 and 30-31 of October. 

Tickets (sold for 150 kr a piece) are already in high demand and, as you need to buy admission for a specific time interval, many time slots are already sold out. 

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The biggest Horror House to date

Halloween is the occasion, which inspired the event and this year the Aalborg Carnival Union (Foreningen Aalborg Karneval) will create the largest and most terrifying horror house to date together with one of North Jutland’s cultural giants. 

“We are super proud to present this year’s Horror Night in collaboration with AKKC. 

After three years with sold-out evenings in our warehouse in Nørresundby, our ambitions for the arrangement are only getting bigger, and with the new collaboration, we are sure we can raise the experience to new heights”, Sjaja Haddidi, Head Secretary at Aalborg Carnival, states.

The preparations have been going on for a long time and the cancellation of the carnival in May has only wet the appetite of the organizers even more.

Corona ties into the event theme

The current restrictions due to Covid-19 have played a role in determining the theme of this year’s Horror Night.

Instead of being limited by these restrictions, the organizers have chosen to make the current rules on using facemasks, disinfection procedures, and physical distancing a part of the experience.

“Everyone, and especially us in the events and entertainment industry, has been hit hard by corona. Now we can finally come out and do something for our guests, and therefore we have also chosen to work in the current situation so that it becomes part of the story around the event.

The apocalypse has given rise to panic and paranoia and no one will gain access to the disaster’s epicenter until they have been protected from the dangers of infection by hand-sanitizer and face masks,” Sjaja Haddadi explains.

You can find ticket info here.

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