Thunder and lightning: Hot day ends with a boom

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

The heat is building up.

Temperatures have reached 26 degrees celsius in Aalborg today.

With very warm summer weather often comes lightning and thunder, which we can also expect this evening.

DMI (Danish Metereological Institute) has issued a warning, expecting local cloudbursts and thunderstorms from 20:00 this evening until 04:00 in the morning on Friday.

“Several places may see between 25 and 35 mm of rain in 6 hours, and some places may experience more.

Showers may also include thunderstorms and hail, which can cause cloudbursts in some areas.

In connection with the showers, strong gusts of wind may occur. Therefore, a warning has been issued for this area,” DMI writes on their website.

Tomorrow, however, we should be back to a dry day with up to 22 degrees.

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