Tiny houses on the fjord: Sleep overnight on the water

by Megan McPhee Christensen
The shelter in question.
The shelter in question.

If you happen to stroll along the water by Jomfru Ane Parken in the next few days, then you will surely notice something a little special on the water.

A few days ago, a row of tiny houses were placed at the harbor front together with a shelter on the water.

Starting today, there will be even more of these tiny houses put out on the water.

Sleep in a shelter on the water

In collaboration with the Utzon Center, the renowned architect Henrik Valeur will show the people of Aalborg how a floating living community could be created.

“On Friday, we have hired a crane to lift the rest of the floating community down onto the water.

We expect that they will remain there until at least the 23rd of August, and we’re currently trying to find out whether they can stay there even longer,” Henrik Valeur explains.

Henrik Valeur tells MyAalborg that everyone can use the floating shelter.

You can also sleep there overnight, at your own risk, if you want.

There will be a sign saying “vacant/occupied”, so that it’s possible to indicate that the shelter is being used.

The shelter cannot be reserved in advance though.

The vision is to show a little society on the water, that is in constant motion, and that is primarily built from recycled materials.

A type of dynamic allotment on water.

Tiny House living on the water

You can come down and join a guided tour where you’re able to come onboard the floating living quarters.

The internationally acclaimed urban architect, Henrik Valeur, is the initiator of the project and takes you by the hand to tell you about a sustainable way of living that is based on off-grid and tiny houses living on the water.

“The idea is to imagine another way to live for people who don’t fit into the usual boxes.

I have been a part of similar projects around Denmark and there is already major interest for this here in Aalborg,” Henrik Valeur says.

You will also meet some of the people that have built the floating elements, and you can see some of their smart solutions that make it possible to live off the grid.

Another brilliant feature with the floating shared housing is that you can easily move it around. If you get tired of your neighbor, you can just move your house to somewhere else.

The floating shelters will be anchored in Aalborg Harbour until the 23rd of August.

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