Tip of the Week: Delicious summer brunch for 100 kroner

by Shellie Boudreau

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At MyAalborg, we believe one of our most important tasks is to keep you up to date with great tips for living and visiting Aalborg.  As one of the best cities in the world, Aalborg has plenty of summer fun to offer. So, we gathered several seasonal tips to make summer even more enjoyable.

This time, we’re highlighting KaffeFair Strandvejen, which is ready with a special offer to local foodies.

You can sit back, relax, and savor a summer brunch for just 100 kroner.  You can enjoy this offer any weekday in July as early as 9:00 in the morning.

Delicious dishes and top-notch ingredients

Brunch. 100 kr. What else can we say?

Okay, we will say a bit more.

KaffeFair Strandvejen is known for using local and organic ingredients. There is always freshly brewed coffee, good white wine, homemade juice, and sinfully good cakes, perfectly made bread, and plenty of other tasty menu items.

KaffeFair’s summer brunch is complete with a range of classic menu items and some have a special twist giving you a unique summer experience.

Some of the classic menu items include homemade yogurt müsli, fresh fruit, freshly baked bread, butter, and a brownie wedge.

Of course, some say brunch is not brunch without eggs and sausage. This summer brunch serves a smiley egg with homemade brunch sausages topped with truffle mayo, crispy salad, and fresh herbs.

The brunch includes homemade crispbread, cheese, and sea buckthorn jam as well as a perfectly baked croissant with shrimp salt to take it a step further.  To top it off, you can look forward to trying vegetarian toast. Yes, all of this fits on a plate, a big plate.

Good brunch with great taste – in more than one way

There are so many delicious dishes to satisfy your taste buds for just 100 kroner. Also, you can get this offer as a vegetarian version for the same price.

You can also order coffee in all strengths and colors, hot chocolate, tea, cold drinks, shakes, and even bubbles if that caters to your mood.

Eating out at KaffeFair is more than just a great lunch.  KaffeFair is a non-profit social-economic company that supports employment and education opportunities for the young. So, by eating at KaffeFair, you support their initiative and cause.

Summer brunch

Croissant with shrimp salad

Homemade yogurt with müsli

Homemade buckthorn jam

Country-style ham from Rosenbech served with romanesco

Smiley eggs, homemade sausages served with truffle mayo and crispy salad and herbs

Cheese with olives and homemade crispbread

Vegetarian toast

Fresh fruit


Hvad: Summer brunch at KaffeFair
Hvor: KaffeFair Standvejen
Hvornår: All of July, every weekday between 9.00-16.00

More info right here.

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