‘Tis the season: Here’s our take on tasty hot chocolate in Aalborg

by Aleksandra Kopacz

The first snow has already fallen, and Christmas decorations have been hung up to decorate the city.

All things considered, the season for hot chocolate has officially started.

What is it about a hot cup of chocolate during the winter season that brings out our smiles?

We usually associate it with love, pleasure, peace, comfort and gratification. It may remind us of white, snowy days, sledging, sitting in front of the fireplace with family, or watching the snow falling from the sky.

Can’t you decide where to go to get your warm mug of hot chocolate?

In-house or takeaway, here are some places in Aalborg I think you will love.

Espresso House

You will not be disappointed by Espresso House’s Melted Hot Chocolate!

Behind this concept, there is a cup of creamy, steamed milk optionally topped with whipped cream.

What about the chocolate then? Here comes the fun part: two chocolate sticks are put into the cup (you can choose between milk or dark chocolate), thereby chocolate is literally melting in your cup.

This extraordinary and creative way of serving chocolate caught my attention and made my December evening more memorable.

As visible in the picture, my friend took the option without the whipped cream, but I simply couldn’t resist…

The price for this sweet treat ranges from 52-56 kroner, depending on the size you want.

However, you can get a discount by using the Espresso House app – I bought my standard Melted Hot Chocolate for half of its original price: 28 kroner! Download your app here and enjoy special offers.

P.S. Don’t forget to stir your drink before drinking!

Kochs Kaffebar

Whenever you are walking around the city center feeling like drinking something sweet, you should come by Kochs Kaffebar.

It is a lovely place with very nice and friendly service. Located right in the heart of Aalborg at Algade 23, only a few steps away from the Christmas market.

Kochs offers delicious dark hot chocolate; one of the best I have tried so far.

The drink is thick and rich tasting. Sprinkles of cocoa powder are spread all over the whipped cream and a little plate.

Kochs’ hot chocolate consists of 60% chocolate, which makes it intense and strong in flavor. That perfectly suits my taste from the perspective of a chocolate lover! I truly recommend it to everyone (especially other fans of chocolate).

Hot chocolate at Kochs costs 48 kroner, and there are no discounts available. Nevertheless, I can assure you that the experience is definitely worth its price. It is 10/10.


At Kaffebaren Bredegade you can enjoy your hot chocolate in a cozy atmosphere, whether you decide to sit inside the café, or at the table outside, in the middle of the vibrant pedestrian street, while wrapping yourself in a blanket.

Kaffebaren serves sweet, velvet-creamy cocoa that is available in two sizes. It is available under the name of “varm kakao”.

The beverage tastes very nice and fulfils its role – it warms you up well (especially your hands) and makes your moment as enjoyable and relaxing as possible.

Its flavor is not that dominant but represents rather more delicate cocoa shade. Tip from me: ask for whipped cream on the top of your drink to make it even more delicious.

The smaller mug of sweet pleasure at Kaffebaren costs 46 kroner.

In case you are a student, remember about your student discount – you get 15% off by showing your student ID. Get your chocolatey cocoa drink, and check out many board games that are available on the shelves!

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