Today’s press conference: 2.5 million citizens will be offered revaccination

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Today, the Prime Minister’s Office held a press conference, detailing the corona-strategy for the coming months.

Prime minister Mette Frederiksen, Health Minister Magnus Heunicke, Director General of the Danish Health Authority Søren Brostrøm, and director of SSI Henrik Ullum were present at the press conference.

The Prime Minister started by saying that we’re currently experiencing a rising numbers of infected in Denmark. It’s the new variant of corona called BA5 that is spreading, which is a more infectious variant than previously dominating B2 (omikron).

Although the number of seriously ill and hospitalized patients is on a low level but the government is reacting now in order to protect the elderly and especially vulnerable people.

That is why the Ministry of Health is offering these two groups the opportunity to be vaccinated before the summer holiday. Starting next week, they’re able to go to their own doctor and get the booster-vaccine.

The central points from the press conference

Aside from the group of especially vulnerable people being offered a fourth vaccination, there were other central messages at the press conference:

  • The infection must be kept out of nursing homes. That is why employees at nursing homes and care facilities have to be tested several times a week.
  • The most important tool to fight the disease is vaccination but since the protection disappears over time, the Ministry of Health assesses that 2.5 million citizens will be offered revaccination after the summer holiday.
  • The oldest citizens are offered the fourth vaccine jab starting from September 15th, 2022.
  • Citizens +50 years old are offered the fourth vaccine jab starting from October 1st, 2022.

On top of this, the Prime Minister said that this long-term strategy is introduced to keep society’s most vulnerable citizens safe, to avoid hospitals being overburdened, to keep the Danish economy going, and to avoid further lockdowns and restrictions.

She concluded by saying that although we’re seeing elevated numbers of infection, we should still enjoy the summer and its many activities.

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