Tonight: Santa Lucia parade on the water is back

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Aalborg’s waterways will once again transform into a luminous procession when “Lucia on the Water” resumes the delightful tradition on Limfjorden.

It’s tonight, Wednesday, December 13th – this time starting at 17:15.

This year, as in previous years, Aalborg Friluftsliv, including Søren Geertsen, is organizing the event. The association has worked for three years to make it easier for the citizens of Aalborg to enjoy nature, even in winter.

“We are pleased that our Lucia procession can be repeated this year. We have received very positive feedback from both our members and those watching from the waterfront,” Søren Geertsen says.

Here’s where you can experience the procession

Once again, you can witness the procession, consisting of both SUPs and kayaks, all the way from the association’s house in Vestre Fjordpark down to the city center.

“Our plan this year is to sail from Vestre Fjordpark at 17:15 and paddle into Jomfru Ane Parken. We will meet and sail together with the kayaks, even though they are a bit faster than us.

It will be a festive atmosphere with a mega SUP in tow, a speaker playing Lucia music, and of course, some communal singing,” Søren explains.

The procession is expected to reach the city center around 18:00.

Hoping the weather gods are with them

Weather naturally plays a crucial role in the event, and the team from Aalborg Friluftsliv is therefore attentive to the weather forecasts.

“We want to ensure that we have the right weather to carry out everything, but those of us on SUPs are also a bit more sensitive to the wind. So, we keep an eye on the reports and confer with the kayak club,” he says.

To ensure everything is ready for the big day, they plan a rehearsal.

“We hold a rehearsal on Monday to test everything so that we don’t end up on the fjord and discover that something isn’t working, or that someone can’t withstand the cold water,” Søren says, concluding:

“But all in all, we look forward to and expect that Lucia will be a beautiful experience again this year, with lights, music, and a good atmosphere—provided the weather gods are with us.”

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