Tradition suspended: J-day is cancelled this year

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

The first Friday in November is usually quite special in Denmark.

It is one of the absolute biggest days of the year for Danish nightlife where both young and old party lovers pour into the bars and nightclubs. 

It is, of course, the traditional J-day that we’re talking about.

If you’re new to the tradition here’s all you need to know: “J” stands for Jul (Christmas) or Julebryg (Christmas brew), and J-day is the day when the Christmas beers are released into shops.

But this year is, well, far from a normal year… which is why the J-day, that we’ve known and loved since the 90s won’t happen.  

No party-girls with free beer

Tuborg Julebryg is by far the most popular Christmas beer, and J-day has become synonymous with this particular brand.

The Carlsberg Group, who produces Tuborg Julebryg, has confirmed to Ekstra Bladet that the event is cancelled.

“The event, like people know it from previous years, is canceled”, Christian Sviegaard, Head of Marketing, says.

Here in Aalborg the tradition usually unfolds when the clock strikes 20.59 and dozens of Tuborg party-girls and boys visit all the bars and clubs on Jomfru Ane Gade to hand out free Christmas beer.

The past few years there’s been a big stage set up on Jomfu Ane Gade with music and entertainment. However, this year unfortunately won’t be so merry, regardless of whether restrictions ease or not. 

For now, it seems the government has decided that the nightlife won’t be allowed to open before the 31st of October at the earliest. 

Nevertheless, if you love Christmas beer then thankfully you can still quench your thirst. Carlsberg has announced that this year’s Christmas beer will still launch the first Friday in November and will be available to purchase most places. 

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