Travel to Copenhagen for 79 kr.: New bus concept launches in Denmark

by Shellie Boudreau
PR photo
PR photo

Some of you may already know Kombardo Expressen and Flixbus.

These bus lines get you from point A to B easily and cheaply throughout Denmark.

Now a new competitor is entering the market with a different concept.

This is great news for those who like and need to travel.

How the concept works

A fleet of buses known as quite simply ‘Fleet’, operated by VikingBus, will run daily between the country’s largest cities.

And there will be more than 160 departures across 19 Danish cities every week.

One offering included in their concept is that you are guaranteed a seat reservation if you book your ticket 24 hours before departure.

“In other words, we are giving our customers the choice to be spontaneous and book a ticket at an affordable and competitive price at the last minute,” Thomas Wandahl, CEO of Vikingbus, says.

According to the CEO, this can be done as VikingBus has over 800 buses. So the number of departures can be adjusted to fit the needs of the people who ordered a ticket – even those that ordered just 24 hours before.

Ticket prices start from 79 kroner.

You can book tickets at Fleets’ homepage or app where you can also track your bus in real-time.

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