Treat Yo’ Self: Cafés are ready with a real Christmas treat

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Christmas means GREAT quantities of cookies and treats in Denmark.

Danish butter cookies (vaniljekranse), peppernuts (pebernødder), angel wings (klejner), Jewish cookies (jødekager), pepper cakes (peberkager), brown cookies (brunkager) – there’s enough to choose from.

Although we do love these traditional cookies they do become a bit boring at length. In that case, it’s nice that some people are thinking outside the box.

Pilgaards Flødeboller, formerly known as Pilgaard’s Bakery, have been creative this year and created a Christmas masterpiece.

They’ve combined the Danish confection flødebollen – which is a sort of chocolate covered marshmallow – with the all-time classic Christmas cookie: the brown cookie.

If this sounds like something you must try then there’s a few places in town you can visit.

We visited the jewelry café Du Er Smyk on Østerbro 61 to try the new treat. Here the price is set at 24 kroner.

You can also buy them at Kochs Kaffebar and Café Gejst in Aalborg along with SPAR in Vadum and Vodskov Bakery.

This is how it tastes

Before we address the taste, we’d like to highlight its good looks.

The twisted shape of the chocolate and the green coconut sprinkle makes the confection look like a chubby little Christmas tree, which adds another element to the Christmas experience.

The confection itself consists of the usual marshmallow filling but in this case it’s been combined with the spices used in the brown cookie recipe.

Next it’s been coated with thick, dark chocolate and sprinkled with coconut flakes.

To put it bluntly: The taste is great!

It tastes like it’s cookie cousin but with an extra element of sweetness. It’s almost like a honey heart (honninghjerte – another traditional Danish Christmas cake).

One member of our editorial team likes neither flødeboller nor brunkager but he happily gobbled down this little treat. 5 out of 5 stars from us.

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