Très Bien: “Det Tredje Sted” brings French inspiration to the pedestrian street

by Shellie Boudreau

Bispensgade is not exactly known for its cozy cafes where you can sit down, take in the sun and enjoy a nice glass of wine and beautiful snacks.

Well, all that’s about to change because there’s a new place on the street.  

Just the other day, as the clock struck twelve, Jeannette Isgaard Jørgensen opened the doors to the café Det Tredje Sted (The Third Place). As a matter of fact, it’s exactly that …  her third place.

Jeannette is already the owner of the popular Café Vi 2 on C.W. Obels Plads and Den Bette Kro in Vingårdsgade.

This time around it’s neither a class café or a Danish-inspired open-faced sandwich restaurant she’s opening.

“The Third Place is a collection of many things we value,” she explains to MyAalborg when we stop by the new eateri where focus is on good food, wine, and coziness

Many curious pedestrians stopped by for sneak peeks as they peered through the windows, wondering what replaced the former clothing shop. 

All unique

Peering through the windows, you can see that the room has undergone a complete transformation into a bright and open space that allows you to sit back and gaze upon those passing by. A quiet haven nestled steps away from the hustle and bustle of the pedestrian street.

Inside, you can see a beautifully decorated space and smell new leather is in the air. You may notice thoughtfully placed gold details, Holmegaard candlesticks, and fine wood chairs. 

Few similarities exist between this place and the others, except for the large new kitchen and shelving space shared between the chefs of Det Tredje Sted and Café Vi 2.

In contrast to Café Vi 2 where you can order a classic Caesar salad, a delicious café burger, and a healthy portion of nachos, The Third Place offers avocado snacks, Croque Monsieur, Stirred Tatar, and Beef Bearnaise – for lunch.

You can enjoy selections such as croissants with chocolate crème, organic sourdough buns with the Danish cheese ‘Gammel Knas’, and rosehip chutney in the morning. Later in the evening, you can try the Fish of the Day, Onglet, Pasta Al Tartufo or classic Beef Bearnaise.

You can also “just” choose to satisfy your palate with an assortment of snacks such as fried lobster, charcuterie, truffle fries, a cheese tray, and more. 

Indulge in beautiful surroundings

There’s a lot of charm built into the new place on Bispensgade, and you quickly realize the extra effort when tasting the menu items. 

“This is a place where you should be able to come and enjoy yourself quietly in the morning, appreciate a lovely glass of wine in the afternoon, and a good dinner in the evening.

In here, everything does not need to move so fast, and there should be a spot for everyone,” Jeannette says.

The wine list is exciting and carefully selected. The staff is clever and will guide you to the proper selection to accompany your menu items.

Some of our personal favorites from the snack and lunch menu are:

  • Steak sandwich with slow-cooked tomatoes, pickled red onions, gherkins, crispy salad, and estragon mayo (129 kr.)
  • Croque Monsieur butter-fried bread, ham, cheese, Dijon mustard served with crispy salad in a light vinaigrette dressing (85 kr.)
  • Fried lobster 3 pieces with chili mayo (99 kr.)
  • Bruschetta 4 pieces selected by the chef (69 kr.)
  • Truffle Fries with freshly grated truffle, North Sea cheese, and truffle mayo (69 kr.)

As you can see, the prices are at a range that are affordable to most. All our dishes tasted great, and as we enjoyed our deep-fried lobsters, we couldn’t help but notice how it resembled a small, fried artwork. 

It was apparent others felt the same.

We could almost hear those around us snapping photos on their phones and hearting the foodie photos on cafe’s Instagram profile.

If you appreciate enjoyable food in a beautiful setting, this place might become your go-to location. So we can surely recommend that you stop by, relax, gaze upon those passing by, and nestle yourself in a quiet haven.

The website is not yet ready, but you can visit Det Trejde Sted (The Third Place) online via Facebook and Instagram until then.

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