Unique experience: Stine Rex invites you on a food treasure hunt

by Megan McPhee Christensen

The woman who recently completed the world’s toughest run – Badwater Ultramarathon in Death Valley, USA – has given us the honor of breaking the news about her next run.

Because it’s happening in Aalborg.

And you can join in.

During Nordjysk Madfestival (North Jutland Food Festival), on Saturday the 3rd of September, Stine Rex invites you to come on a cozy and culinary run or walk. It’s up to you what shoes you wear and how fast you go. Everyone can take part.

Ladies and gentlemen: Come along on a Food Treasure Hunt with Stine Rex.

This is the third time that Stine Rex hosts the Food Treasure Hunt in Aalborg. Photo: Stine Rex

The concept is fun and simple: Over a period of roughly three hours you and your family, friends or bachelor-party can go on a cozy walk or run around to a heap of exceptional restaurants in the city.

Like a running or walking buffet, in each place you’ll meet a waiter serving high quality delicacies.

It is a surprise which five places you’ll experience. You’ll be given a treasure map that will guide you to the culinary treasures in town. The whole trip is about five kilometers.

Stine Rex has created two food treasure hunts – one for children and one for adults. Hence the most important thing that Saturday is not being super fit, but being super hungry.

Food treasure hunt for kids

Grab your kids and bring them along for a fun Saturday morning on the 3rd of September from 9:30-12:30. You child can be in charge of the treasure map and lead the way.

A ticket costs 120 kr. per person.

The food treasure hunt for children is a lovely way for kids and their parents to taste some delicious food from five locations in Aalborg. The experience intends to inspire children to try new taste experiences in an inquisitive and fun way.

Along the way you’ll of course meet Stine Rex in high spirits.

Whether you want to run, walk or stroll through the treasure hunt is completely up to you. The focus is on the food. Photo: Stine Rex

Food treasure hunt for adults

The adult edition is somewhat more of a pubcrawl through delightful places where you can get a drink in the city center.

Saturday 3rd of September from 14.00-17.00 is when it’s happening.

You will go to an array of different places in town – cafes and bars, where a waiter or bartender will be ready with delicious cocktails, wine etc. and snacks, so there’s also something to chew on. A ticket costs 240 kr. per person.

The host Stine Rex will of course also meet you along the way, ready to high-five or chit-chat.

Come ready for a hoot of a Saturday with Stine Rex as host. Photo: Stine Rex

“Is there anything more fun than combining exercise, food and alcohol?

I love traveling and I love to run around the world, but to come back home to Aalborg and create this party with food and exercise in the city centre – that is cool,” Stine Rex says.

Tickets are selling quickly

There are 200 tickets for sale for each of the two treasure hunts, and they’re selling like warm bread.

Aalborg’s own running star will be sure to provide a cozy atmosphere along the route, no matter of whether you choose to bring the kids or take the adult edition.

Tickets for the children’s morning treasure hunt (120 kr. per person) can be purchased here.

And tickets for the adult edition in the afternoon (240 kr. per person) can be purchased here.

What: Food treasure hunt, one for families with children and one for adults only – a part of Nordjysk Madfestival
Where: Starts at Gammeltorv in the city center
When: Saturday the 3rd of September, 09:30-12:30 for kids and 14:00-17:00 for adults

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