Unique restaurant has now opened: Take a peek at what’s on offer

by Megan McPhee Christensen

Aalborg has become one restaurant richer.

The name is På Fjorden, and the location is very unique – the café will be a part of BoShop, which lies right in the middle of Nytorv.

The restaurant acts as a natural extension of the store, and the room has previously been used as a café. Ever since BoShop took over Østerågade 27 last year, the owners have been on the lookout for a passionate soul who wanted to work with them to create something really special and unique.

Now they have finally had success in finding that special partner in Git Becker who will be the leading lady of the new concept. According to her, it will be an exciting fusion between a bakery and a wine bar.

Dorte Eis (left) and Git Becker

“We want to create an oasis where there is room for enjoying life’s simple pleasures, and where it will be an experience, regardless of whether you come for a bite of bread, a glass of wine or a cold beer”, Git Becker, the woman behind the new concept, says.

When we visited På Fjorden earlier in the week, it was still flooded with furniture and crazy ideas – but today it was a different scene. Now the whole concept makes perfect sense with the beautiful location housing both a café, a showroom, and a furniture store.

Photo: Okan Gültekin
Photo: Okan Gültekin
Photo: Okan Gültekin

Every detail considered

Green plants hang from the ceilings, floating above the large benches, and then there is of course the spectacular view over Toldbod Plads and Aalborg’s beautiful harborfront.

In the glasses, there will be wine for tasting that, according to Git, will most certainly be noticed by the city’s wine connoisseurs.

In the ceramic cups, that can of course be bought in BoShop, there will be freshly brewed coffee of quality beans – and if you pay attention with all your senses, you’ll likely notice the piano music performed by a talented local artist.

In other words, it’s clear that everything has been considered down to the smallest detail at På Fjorden. Even the pickled goods are hand-pickled and the sourdough bread is baked in house.

Photo: Okan Gültekin
Photo: Okan Gültekin
Photo: Okan Gültekin
Photo: Okan Gültekin

Git has a lot of experience with sourdough bread but nevertheless, she’s chosen to employ Siri, a member of the Danish national baking team.

“Then it can only improve!” as she states.

In the kitchen, the experienced chef Jakob cooks and, among other things, he’ll be sure to showcase all the best that the Limfjord has to offer.

“We have the best ingredients in the Limfjord, including the finest mussels and oysters. I would like to, for example, make the people of Aalborg love oysters,” Git says.

Photo: Okan Gültekin
Photo: Okan Gültekin
Photo: Okan Gültekin

På Fjorden will be an experimental kitchen where the menu often changes to follow the seasons and mood but will always stay focused on the best ingredients and delicious taste.

Plenty more plans

Should we mention the unique surroundings just once more? Git hopes to arrange everything from talks and book readings to concerts and wine tastings – once corona finally allows it.

Opening hours will match BoShops but with time, they also intend to stay open in the evenings.

If this has piqued your curiosity about the new place then Git & Co. encourage guests to pop by and see the gorgeous setting for themselves.

You can read more about På Fjorden here.

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