Unique wine tasting: Renowned wine producer visits Quist Wine

by Ashton Christensen

Opening an Italian wine bar in the middle of the Paris of the North may seem brave. How do you get that Italian vibe right in the middle of Aalborg’s busy city life?

One way of doing so is by inviting Italian winemakers to visit and serve the wines they produce at home.

Helt unik vinsmagning: Anerkendt vinproducent besøger Quist Wine

On the 6th of November, the renowned winemaker Chiara Vinciarelli will visit the Quist Wine bar. In addition to being an accomplished manufacturer, Chiara has a long history of collaboration with Kim and Lene Quist.

“We have known Chiara for many years and feel fortunate that she wants to deliver wine to us. One of the special things about Chiara’s fantastic wines is that they are produced in very small batches,” says Kim Quist.

Helt unik vinsmagning: Anerkendt vinproducent besøger Quist Wine

Wine loved by one of the biggest wine experts

It’s not just Quist Wine that praises Chiara’s wines.

In 2019, Aalborg was visited by the renowned wine critic and expert Oz Clarke, who has won many international awards, such as Wine Magazine book of the Year and WINE Guild of the United Kingdom.

During his visit, he met Chiara Vinciarelli and had nothing but praise for her Polluce Syrah wines and the fact that they could only be bought here in Aalborg – at Quist Wine.

Helt unik vinsmagning: Anerkendt vinproducent besøger Quist Wine

Chiara has visited Aalborg before and is looking forward to returning soon. This time, she will watch and take part in the event with her friends at Quist Wine, who have opened the Italian wine bar on Budolfi Square since her last visit.

Chiara Vinciarelli lives an exotic lifestyle, and is normally located in Cortona in south-eastern Tuscany.

Since 2013, she has produced four wines, three of which will be served in November at the wine tasting event. Each wine is produced with a great passion for the craft and there are always under 1,000 bottles per year.

An educational evening

Beside producing wine, Chiara also owns Via Della Stella, a lovely Agriturismo in the rocky countryside between Cortona and Montepulciano in Tuscany.

A place where the closest neighbours are winemakers and there’s a magnificent view of vineyards all around.

Helt unik vinsmagning: Anerkendt vinproducent besøger Quist Wine

During a visit to Quist Wine, it will naturally also be possible to have a chat with Chiara and there will be the opportunity to visit Via Della Stella next summer.

In addition to the three wines, Italian delicacies such as salami, ham, cheeses, and delicious bread will be served.

Tickets cost 250 kr. and can be purchased at the wine bar. Read more here.

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