Vaccination centers gearing up: See where they are located in Nordjylland

by Shellie Boudreau

The first vaccines are on the way to the North Jutland Region. The Region, together with the municipalities and the General Practice Organisation (Praktiserende Lægers Organisation), is gearing up to vaccinate.

The National Board of Health (Sundhedsstyrelsen) recently provided plans for organizing the first COVID-19 vaccination.

The North Jutland Region created a vaccine task force, including the North Jutland municipalities and PLO North Jutland.

Dr. Jan Nybo, head of the COVID-19 test efforts in North Jutland, is responsible for leading the vaccinations.

“We are already preparing and will be ready to start once the vaccines arrive.  We gained a lot of valuable and useful experience about managing COVID-19,” Jan Nybo says.

Here are the locations

The vaccination centers will first be at the Region’s three emergency hospitals:  Aalborg University Hospital in Aalborg, Thisted, and the Regional Hospital North Jutland in Hjørring.

At these three locations, healthcare professionals and select patients will receive vaccinations.

As the Region receives more vaccination doses, establishing additional centers will be supervised by TestCenter Danmark.

In total, the Region will establish eight vaccination centers that will support vaccination teams.

There will be vaccination centers in Aalborg, Hjørring, Thisted, Frederikshavn, and Hobro. In addition to those located at the emergency centers of the three hospitals mentioned above.

There will also be a vaccination effort at municipal nursing homes.

Protecting the vulnerable is important

Among the first to receive vaccinations will be the residents and employees in nursing homes and hospitals.

“We know these residents are most vulnerable, and thus, it is important to vaccinate them and the employees who work with them first.

This will make it possible to protect a group, which we know can become very ill by COVID-19,” the Regional Council President, Ulla Astman (S), says.

Who should be vaccinated?

The goal is to offer the vaccine to all those who are approved to receive said vaccination.

Initially, there will not be enough vaccines for everyone.

Therefore, in the start, higher-risk groups such as the elderly, residents of nursing homes, and individuals with risk factors are prioritized.

Healthcare and senior care staff who contact the most vulnerable and perform critical functions and tasks will also be of priority.

More and more residents will be offered the vaccination as we get larger amounts of the vaccine and more types. The vaccine will be distributed at the same time and equally between regions according to population.

“We are looking forward to offering the vaccine.  It is a huge task we are facing, but we are ready to take the responsibility to get it done.

This is one of the tasks we have been waiting for so we can get rid of COVID-19,” Ulla Astman says.

How will you receive the offer for a vaccination?

Residents at nursing centers and employees in healthcare and senior care will receive information from their institutions and workplace.

Suppose you have exceptionally high risks, being an older individual with a severe condition for example; then your doctor or hospital may contact you.  It may be that you can also ask your doctor yourself if you are high-risk.

Elderly individuals, based on the date of birth, will receive a message in their e-boks. If you opted out of digital communication, you should receive a letter in the mail.

When you get an offer for a COVID-19 vaccination, you will receive information about when and how you can book your appointment.

During Christmas and New Year, the National Board of Health (Sundhedsstyrelsen) will send letters to all residents over 18 years via e-Boks to inform them about the upcoming vaccination.

In the letter, you will read about the vaccine and the offer for a free vaccination.

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