Various support options: This is how you can help Ukraine

by Shellie Boudreau

In response to the attack on Ukraine, there are many sanctions imposed on Russia by European countries and the US. 

The situation is escalating, and the people of Ukraine need help and support in these dire moments.

As a person from North Jutland or Aalborg, there are options to pursue if you wish to help. Perhaps you would like to donate money, house a refugee or transport materials. There are several possibilities.  

We have compiled a list for you below outlining these options.

If you are aware of other options, feel free to write in the comments on Facebook.

House a refugee

Many Ukrainians are fleeing from their homes as the situation worsens daily.  

A lot are heading to Poland. However, many Danes are opening their arms and offering a safe place for fleeing families. 

In a group on Facebook, you can offer information about your home, about how many you can house, which airport or border you can access, and who you are.

The initiative is open to the whole country, and if you are from Aalborg or North Jutland, you can also help in this way.

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Charity concert

Jazz9tus, in collaboration with many local musicians, are hosting a music concert at Huset in Hasserisgade to support the humanitarian work in Ukraine.

The concert will be this Friday, March 4. 

All proceeds go to the Red Cross, which provides first aid and food rations to civilians in Ukraine.

The artists will perform original material, and there is free admission. All of your donations will be sent to the Red Cross via Mobile Pay 165915.

Read more here.

DanChurchAid fundraiser

The humanitarian organization DanChurchAid is hosting a nationwide fundraising event on Sunday, March 13.

Here you’re able to walk the streets and collect donations to families in Ukraine affected by the war. You can either walk by yourself or with friends and family.

It’ll take around two or three hours and all proceeds go to two causes: help to families affected by climate change and help to families in Ukraine.

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