Very special experience: Meet an adorable Alpaca in Aalborg

by Megan McPhee Christensen

You’ve probably seen them before.

They are one of the cutest animals with their adorable fuzzy coat and easy-going disposition.

Now they are waiting for you to greet them as part of an extraordinary experience you can have in Shoppen at City Syd this December.

Here you can drop by and say hi to an Alpaca.

Meet these charming animals

“Saturday, the 17th of December from 12-15, you can meet an en Alpaca in Shoppen!

Shoppen will be visited by the Alpacas of Fredly.

Meet these sweet, charming and furry friends”, Shoppen  writes on their website.

And it’s not just whoever that is visiting the shopping center in City Syd.

Our Danish site MigogAalborg has previously written about Lise and her fantastic project Alpacas of Fredly.

Here they offer, among other things, North Jutland’s most cozy walk’n’talk.

An Alpaca is from the same animal family as camels and llamas, but is clearly much more cute.

Originally bred as a wool-producing animal, its wool is both hypoallergenic and some of the best you can get.

At a Walk n’ Talk with Alpacas of Fredly, the concept is quite simple.

You meet at their farm in Brønderslev.

You can book a farm visit

Here you first get an introduction to the adorable animals. After that, you get an Alpaca and a leash in your hand, and then it’s off you go.

It’s something for all ages. Whether you are a loving couple, a family with small children, a family with older children or you are taking the grandparents along with you.

You can read our report (in Danish) here.

However, since the publication of that article, Lise has also added the possibility for you to visit the farm.

You can book a farm visit and then will be allowed to greet all the beautiful animals, who of course all have names and individual characteristics.

You can read more about visiting the farm here.

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