Vintage and sustainability: New retro clothing shop opens in Aalborg

by Shellie Boudreau

Early in December 2021, we revealed that a new clothing boutique was opening on Danmarksgade 35B.

Sarahs Saloner was the previous occupant of the address but when the current owner, 25-year old Frida Andersen from Aalborg, took over she named the store Butik Aleta. 

The shop officially opened its doors last week and is welcoming customers from Monday to Saturday.

“This is so wild,” Frida Andersen said when MyAalborg visited her.

“It’s a strange feeling to be in the store and think, ‘this is my shop now.’ I need to get used to it,” she explains and grins.

Focus on sustainability

Most items in the shop are from Sarah’s Saloner, but there are a lot of new additions on the way, ensures Frida.

“There will be bright colors and vintage styles, especially a 1950’s feel with those amazing, iconic patterns. There is a good selection of King Louie at the moment, and an assortment from Very Cherry, which is more Parisian, is on its way” she explains.

The clothes have a vintage style silhouette that does not follow trends and transport us back in time to a colorful retro time. There’s something for people of all ages, especially if you wish to be a more sustainable consumer.

The boutique’s primary brand King Lou blends vintage style, sustainability and ethical productions, while the Spanish brand SKFK, for example, goes to great lengths to minimize CO2 emissions. Yet both brands maintain exceptional, beautiful, and feminine selections.

Sustainability means a lot to the shop owner, as she emphasized in her December interview.

“I will continue with some of the same brands that are with Sarahs now, but I will increase focus on sustainability and ethics so that all clothes in the shop will have sustainable initiatives.

It’s especially in the form of production and materials where I’m concerned with the fact that materials are recycled, that water usage is minimalized, and that the clothes are produced ethically,” Frida explained.

You’ll also be able to purchase the clothes online when Butik Aleta launches its website sometime in February.

Follow Butik Aleta on Facebook and Instagram.

Opening hours:
Monday: 12.00-15.30
Tuesday-Friday: 11.00-17.30
Saturday: 10.00-14.00

What: Butik Aleta has opened
Where: Danmarksgade 35B

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