Volunteering: The life of the spare time party

by Katrine Vahlberg

Denmark has what seems to be a never-ending spring of associations and clubs, as well as festivals, concerts, and parades.

All of these are kept alive by the volunteers that are passionate about their hobby or cause – whatever it might be.

The point being, volunteering is the blood of Denmark’s communities and there’s one for everyone, no matter what your interests are.

Volunteering is thus a great opportunity to meet the people around you and make new friendships, as well as practice Danish.

North Denmark and Aalborg are home to various different associations and clubs where you can volunteer, whether you want to help out at a concert, the Aalborg Carnival, or one of many social causes.

Where can you find volunteer opportunities?

Every one of the municipalities in North Denmark has their list of associations and clubs where you can volunteer, including Aalborg.

Otherwise, De Frivilliges Hus in Aalborg is a great place to start. If you’re more into volunteering once or twice a year at events, the Aalborg Carnival, Pride, or Nibe Festival is the place to go.

Every year hundreds of volunteers join in to make the events the place to be, and in our everyday lives, volunteers keep places like Headspace, Safe House, and FrivilligAalborg open and ready to help.

What can it do for you?

While it is important to gain a network, and volunteering is a big part of this in North Denmark, volunteering does so much more.

While practicing language skills, you join a community and build friendships. So take a look at opportunities for volunteering there are in your area, and join the community to help the community.

If you’re unsure about how to go about getting into volunteering, International House North Denmark can help point you in the right direction on where to ask.

Send an email to info@ihnd.dk or take a look at IHND’s social media in the upcoming weeks, where a campaign regarding hobbies and volunteering is coming up.

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