Volunteering: Your guide to Aalborg’s associations

by Catarina da Silva

As the old saying goes: “When two Danes meet they shake their hands, and when three Danes meet they form an association.”

Association life, or foreningsliv, is alive and thriving in Denmark and it is seen as a way of practising active citizenship in the local society.

Their history goes back to the ratification of the Constitution of 1849, and subsequently it became the most common form of organisation of social life.

While associations are completely independent, they may receive governmental funds for their activities.

Danish associations, or foreninger, are an essential part of the national culture, they cover a wide variety of themes from sports, to social issues, leisure or art, etc.

Around 41% of Danes participate in one of the over 100,000 active associations in Denmark, as estimated by the Danish National Centre for Social Research.

Being an active participant in the local society

Having a membership in an organisation can mean more than just having an activity for one’s free time/ a hobby, it can mean one is having a positive impact on the local society and fostering a sense of community.

Associations can be a way for internationals to engage in cultural exchanges, meet the locals, find friends, and expand their network.

Opportunities in Aalborg

Would you like to join a club or an association, but you do not know where to start looking?

We have compiled a list of digital portals listing associations and clubs.

Aalborg Kommunes fritidsportal displays an overview that lets you filter by activity and location, it also includes an email for the contact person of the association.

On Frivilligjob associations post volunteer jobs that you can browse through, the website can also be changed to English to find the volunteer jobs where Danish is not required, it will often include information regarding the volunteering period, tasks and location.

Socialkompas Aalborg is a portal that aims at bringing citizens and associations together, here citizens can browse associations’ offers by activity, area to get help with, age and location.

Those interested in becoming volunteers with those associations can also find information on how to contact them.

If you go to International House North Denmark’s Instagram, you can also find information about clubs and associations in Aalborg and in other municipalities by following the posts named “Find your community”.

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