Walk with an alpaca: This is North Jutland’s coziest Walk n’ Talk

by Shellie Boudreau

Many events and activities have triumphed during the Corona epidemic.

Take for example online meetings, virtual events, and especially the ‘Walk-N-Talk.’

Today it is often best to meet outside, and meeting up for a walk is becoming more popular. Luckily, Aalborg is home to many scenic areas. These areas serve as perfect walking grounds and a healthy alternative to sitting and drinking coffee at the local cafe.

Nothing beats the Walk-N-Talk we had the other day though.

Lucas and his walking buddy Peron.

Take the leash and lead an alpaca

We took children and adults to the Alpacas of Fredly, which is located on a farm in Dronninglund about 20 minutes drive north of Aalborg. Lise Drastrup, the farm owner, houses 39 of the cutest alpacas.

We went to the farm to experience a genuinely unique Walk n’ Talk – with an alpaca.

An alpaca is related to and in the same family as camels and llamas – but cuter! Bred initially for their wool, which is allergy-friendly, it is the best type you can get for making blankets, sweaters, hats, and gloves.

On a Walk n’ Talk with Alpacas of Fredly, the concept is quite simple. You meet at Sømosen, which is a short drive from Aalborg C.

Then you get an introduction to the cutest animals. After that, you start your Walk n’ Talk with an alpaca and rope in hand.

Whether you arrive as a family with small kids, big kids, grandparents, or a couple looking for a romantic stroll, this walk works for all ages.

Walk at a leisurely pace – they love to snack

The trip around the lake is just 2 km, but the walk takes about half an hour.  As soon as the alpaca becomes curious or hungry, the pace slows.

Alpacas love to snack on spruces, grass, and many things they encounter along the way.  But these are the moments that allow you to talk.  Lise is also incredibly welcoming and open to all sorts of questions.

We felt as though we were in a bubble cut off from busy surroundings on our walk, and the only time we used our phones were to take ‘Instragam-worthy’ pictures and videos.

Taking photos of you and an Alpaca is in the same category as puppies.  When you upload to your media feed, comments and questions are likely to pour in– “Where can we try this?”

These walks are an extraordinary experience in these Corona times as we cry out for new social activities and adventure.

Helping children with autism

Lise has 39 alpacas on the farm.

She both sells them and makes use of their fine wool.

For Lise Drastrup, the alpaca farm is a rewarding adventure that offers a new perspective on the whole family.  Lise is a mother of four children with autism, and this meant there were some difficult times.

“Getting Alpacas was one of the best things that happened in our family. These animals are relaxed and predictable.

The children are very comfortable and at ease with the Alpaca, and it gave our family a completely new comfort,” Lise Drastrup explains to MyAalborg.

She further explains, “I can also see more clearly when we take our daily Walk n’ Talk.  Loving couples and small or big families who come to the farm also experience this calming effect.

The Walk n’ Talks are an outlet for releasing stress as many of us get caught up in everyday life. I enjoy hearing the sense of relief and relaxation when people take a tour with our animals,” she says.

The Selfie-King Peron

Even though the walk is just a couple of hours, it is enough time to form a special bond between you and the alpaca.  Lise knows all 39 Alpacas by name, and usually, the male alpacas join in for the walks.

The females, which can be pregnant, experience changing hormones and can be less cooperative at times, says Lise. So she introduces Peron, Thomas, Marco Polo, Pluto, and others.

The so-called selfie-king Peron and his beautiful brown fur is especially popular.

“It’s like he knows when to pose for a selfie. His head always leans into the photo, and it’s really a lot of fun,” Lise says.

Alpacas are an Instagram hit

A few weeks ago, Lise and her alpacas appeared on the TV-show Go’ Morgen Danmark (Good Morning Denmark). Further proof that the alpaca farm is becoming a national attraction.

Larger Instagram influencers, such as Anders Hemmingsen with over 1 million followers, showcases the alpacas too. They are just so cute and calm.

Before Lise waves goodbye and leaves with the most adorable Alpacas, she shares her dream.

“Our dream is to one day offer all kinds of activities and events for persons of all ages to enjoy our animals,” Lise Drastrup says.

Lise gives Walk n’ Talks every day and follows all Corona guidelines and restrictions.

You can read more about it here

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