Wants to avoid complaints: New initiative to shut down late parties in Aalborg

by Shellie Boudreau

Summer is here.

With the warm season comes an increase in activities, events, and festive gatherings.

Aalborg Municipality is encouraging everyone to be respectful and show good manners for everyone in the city space.

Many are far from happy when the music continues to play too loud in Aalborg’s popular parks. The municipality is aiming to deal with these challenges.

Numerous complaints are made to the police every summer, leading to countless hours patrolling the areas to stop the parties and loud music. 

Thus, the municipality is planning to avoid future complaints by putting up signs that state the following: 

From 22:00 to 7:00, playing music with loudspeakers, sound boxes or similar is forbidden. Show consideration for the rest of the day.

Signs are already posted in Østre Anlæg and in Vestre Fjordpark.

The waterfront is a trendy place to hold late parties in the open areas.

Call to action: Show respect

When the weather is beautiful, more and more people tend to gather to enjoy the day and nightlife in parks, open areas, and city spaces.

Without realizing it, many locals and their families who live in the neighborhood are subject to loud noise, shouting and music booming from soundboxes.

Of course, you can listen to music but not at the expense of many others who live and need to rest in those areas. So to help set some clear boundaries, the loud music and parties must stop at 22:00 according to new rules on noise regulations. 

No doubt we can all agree that staying out late with friends in the summer evenings is part of the summer experience, especially when the summer weather and vacation days peak. 

Nonetheless, Aalborg Municipality calls on all to respect those living in and near these popular open spaces in the city and parks.

Therefore: Keep the volume down when requested.

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