Welcome spring: New fun events in North Denmark

by Katrine Vahlberg
Photo: Aalborg Karneval
Photo: Aalborg Karneval

Spring weather is finally coming to Aalborg and North Denmark, treating us to weeks of clear blue skies and warmer temperatures.

May is letting in the proper spring, finally, and with it comes a month of new events. The month has Ascension Day (Kristi Himmelfart), which means both a day off and more events and activities.

The infamous Aalborg Karneval is also just around the corner, with both the International Parade and the Children’s Parade coming up the weekend before. So all in all, May is shaping up to be promising for inviting in the warmer spring weather with a blast!

To make it easier for you to find out what is happening, here’s a list of some events that might brighten up your spring days even more:

Aalborg Karneval

17.-18. & 25. May – Aalborg

The Aalborg Karneval is one of the biggest events of the year in North Denmark, and like every year, it’s back with a party! There are three parades in total, each one fun and interesting. One for the internationals, one for the children, and the final one for the big party. Whether you join the parades themselves or just show up to watch the many colorful costumes, you’re bound to be entertained.

17. May – International Parade

18. May – Children’s Parade

25. May – Aalborg Karneval

40 year Anniversary Nordsøen Oceanarium

9.-12. May – Hirtshals

Nordsøen Oceanarium is celebrating their 40 year anniversary this year. For this occasion they have opened up a little walk through their history as an aquarium and museum. If you don’t find the walk through their history interesting, go anyway! They have many activities planned for the occasion that you don’t want to miss out on, spread around their facilities.

Utzon Center

Every weekend – Aalborg

At the Utzon Center, you can try your hand at ‘additive architecture’ in May. This type of architecture was the approach used by the architect Jørn Utzon, and the center is providing Lego for you to build your own buildings. You then put it in Minecraft, and put on a VR-headset so you can experience your very own architecture in virtual reality.

Afrikadage (Africa Days)

9.-12. May – Aalborg

Aalborg Zoo has arranged a special treat at the square by the elephants this month. You can experience African Elephants being washed and fed, as well as get a chat going with the caretakers about the elephants. There’s also information about Aalborg Zoo’s support for nature preservation and against poaching. So stop by Aalborg Zoo and meet the elephants and their caretakers!

Blokhus Windfestival

18. -19. May – Blokhus Strand

Enjoy a day at picturesque Blokhus beach and witness when spectacular colourful kites from all over the world go up into the skies above your head. The festival runs through both Saturday and Sunday and it is free to attend. If you get inspired to try flying your very own kite, you can buy one at the festival and try it out on the spot. There will be plenty of wind – that’s for sure.

Interested in more?

If you are interested in more events happening around North Denmark and Aalborg throughout May, keep an eye out for International House North Denmark social media and website https://ihnd.dk/what-to-do-in-north-denmark

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