Welcome to Aalborg: Mark your calendars for Diversity Evening

by Ida Marie Middelhede

In September, the International House North Denmark (IHND) welcomes new internationals to Denmark with the initiative ‘Welcome September’.

The initiative is for everyone considering moving to or already living in Denmark to secure ‘the good welcome’ to everyone living here.

Municipalities, state authorities, business organisations, student organisations, business regions and associations have joined forces to create ‘Welcome September’. 

It is a part of ‘Talent to a Green Denmark’, a national initiative focused on attracting, welcoming, and retaining international talent in Denmark.

‘Talent to a Green Denmark’ is funded by the European Social Fund and Erhvervsfremmebestyrelse.

As a part of the ‘Welcome September’ program, the IHND have two events: Diversity Evening and Internationals’ Fair.

The remainder of this article will be about Diversity Evening, and next week’s will be about the International Fair 2024, so stay tuned for more information soon.

Diversity Evening at Aalborg Zoo 2024

Mark your calendars, because September 5th is their annual Diversity Evening!

Aalborg Zoo, the Integration Council in Aalborg Municipality, and the International House North Denmark are hosting another Diversity Evening on September 5th in Aalborg Zoo.

At Diversity Evening, you have the chance to meet other internationals in Aalborg, while being surrounded by different cultures and enjoying a free trip to the zoo.

The event is free of charge for all expats living in Aalborg, so there is no need to buy a ticket or sign up beforehand!

You can bring your family and friends for a cosy get-together. The event runs from 17:00 to 20:30.

There will be food and beverages in the restaurant at the Zoo, or you can bring your own food and grill it at the barbecue place.

If you have questions about Welcome September or our events, you are welcome to reach out to International House North Denmark:

info@ihnd.dk / +45 9931 1530

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