Which one should you choose?: We’ve tested all “fastelavnsboller” at Penny Lane

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

We barely stepped into the new year before the first Fastelavnsboller (Shrovetide buns) took over Aalborg.

Café Penny Lane, a long-standing giant in the world of Fastelavnsboller in the city, is, of course, among the first to have them on the shelves.

According to Jonas, the café’s owner, there is a demand for them earlier and earlier every year – so why wait until Shrovetide?

Once again this year, we are reunited with all the familiar classics, while also looking forward to a new and exciting variant every week.

The season starts with one featuring ‘liquorice,’ which we, of course, have tested – along with all the others.

This way, we hope you can easily and quickly decide which one to try this year.”

The one with cream

The Grandma Bun is undoubtedly one of the café’s most popular pastries – and that’s all year round, as the people of Aalborg simply cannot do without it.

On the occasion of Shrovetide, it naturally receives a visit from all family members, but that doesn’t make it any less delicious, if you ask us.

The variant with cream is very traditional with its soft dough, a massive layer of icing, and vanilla cream in the middle.

The dough has a good taste of cardamom, and the cream is both sweet and delicious… with just the right consistency.

If you ask a couple of cream enthusiasts like us, it could pull even more of that sweet filling.

Price: 1 piece for 28 kr., 4 pieces for 99 kr.

The one with cream and chocolate

The Grandma Bun gets a brown upgrade here with a dose of delicious chocolate in the middle.

The taste of chocolate is good and intense, and it is clear that this is not cheap cocoa powder from a discount supermarket.

The inside is complemented by chocolate icing, making the overall impression perfect if you’re a true chocolate lover.

According to us, the variant with cream/chocolate tastes a bit like the result of a hot one-night stand between a Shrovetide bun and a chocolate bun.

Price: 1 piece for 28 kr., 4 pieces for 99 kr.

The one with apple and remonce

We continue in the classic realm with a Shrovetide bun filled with apple and remonce.

The filling tastes somewhat like a good, old-fashioned apple cake, a skill only your grandmother can master.

Our apple expert believes that the apples could use a bit more acidity, but on the flip side, there is no shortage of filling in this one, which blends perfectly with the sweet exterior.

Price: 1 piece for 28 kr., 4 pieces for 99 kr.

The one with nougat and marzipan

Considering the Shrovetide buns arrived almost immediately after Christmas, if you’re among those who still haven’t had enough of sweets, this variant is perfect.

The nougat and marzipan variant is probably the sweetest in the entire test, tasting as if a piece of Christmas confectionery has been hibernating inside the bun all winter.

And that’s meant as a compliment.

Price: 1 piece for 28 kr., 4 pieces for 99 kr.

The one with raspberry

If you’ve had enough of Christmas, candies, and sweet treats, jump on the raspberry variant that tastes like sunshine and summer instead.

This one is clearly the most “refreshing” variant and also resembles a raspberry pastry but in a much thicker dough.

The thick icing complements the tart berries very well, and it was almost as if we didn’t go into a full-blown sugar shock after this one.

But only almost.

Price: 1 piece for 28 kr., 4 pieces for 99 kr.

The one with licorice

This week’s guest is a variant with licorice… and who doesn’t love licorice?

Okay, we know that many don’t – but if you do, then this is truly a must-try.

We expected the taste of licorice to be even more intense, but it was actually quite subtle. Together with the icing and the sweet bun, it gives off a bit of a sweet licorice vibe.

Not bad at all!

Price: 1 piece for 28 kr., 4 pieces for 99 kr.

The one with even more cream

If it can’t be calorie-rich and indulgent enough for you, forget all about the grandma buns and instead turn your attention to Penny’s Luxury Shrovetide bun with whipped cream, vanilla cream, and raspberry jam.

The dough is a buttery Danish pastry dough that is simply… delicious. It’s really good.

The whipped cream has a really good and creamy consistency, and the tart raspberry jam gives a perfect, fresh kick to an otherwise rich and sweet cake.

Price: 1 piece for 45 kr., 2 pieces for 75 kr.

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