White chocolate and caramel-drizzled popcorn: The wildest cruffin is back

by Shellie Boudreau

If your soul is left wanting more cake after the Shrovetide bun season (fastelavnsboller), wait until you read about what March will bring. 

According to our followers, Bread By Kaerup has the city’s best Shrovetide bun. But now our sight is set on a March delight—something fresh, sweet and a bit wild. 

“What can you make for guests after a successful month of delicious Shrovetide buns?  We keep everything running as usual but will pull out some of our favorite classics, ” the owner William explains.

This means a comeback for one of our absolute favorite cakes in Aalborg.

Say hello to a genius fusion: CRUFFIN!

Some of you may wonder what a cruffin is exactly. Well, it is a fusion of taste, texture and form. Meaning croissant dough baked and served in muffin form.

William’s version has just been given an extra layer of love & fun as toffee meets caramelized popcorn on the top.

The cruffin is, however, not without a stuffin’. 

Inside is white chocolate mousse…and outside is a pinch of sugar coating.

Warning: dangerously good!

We speak from experience. This combination is delicious. The cruffin and all its sweet stuffin is here to stay. 

The taste is dangerously good, and the combination is slightly addictive. So be prepared to enjoy and crave more later in the week. 

This cruffin is also a special combination of the crisp you expect from a croissant, airy white-chocolate whipped cream, and caramel-drizzled popcorn.  

In addition to the classic comeback, William is also baking up fresh Le pain suisse (another type of cream-filled croissant), lemon meringue pie, and delicious sourdough bread

Bread By Kaerup has a number of delicious options baked fresh every day so you probably don’t have to think about it for too long before you decide to embark on your own taste tasting.

Do you have any other questions? 

Oh yes, the price. The irresistible cruffin costs DKK 34 each and can be purchased throughout opening hours – while supplies last!

You can find Bread By Kaerups opening hours here.

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