White chocolate and caramel popcorn: The new cruffin you need to taste 

by Shellie Boudreau

Some people are born croissant fans and others fancy muffins. Yet many of us refuse to place ourselves in defined boxes. If this is you, perhaps you are neither a croissant nor muffin fan but rather a fan of the Cruffin. 

Or your internal desire to devour a delicious croissant or muffin makes you incapable of resisting the combination of both. The  Cruffin may be a wild type but there is no judgment here – eat on! 

At Bread By Kaerup, cruffins are a main item on the menu, and the goal is to spoil the customers and offer an alternative taste sensation. But time calls for change, and we need to keep evolving, and the cruffin is no exception. 

The change is a popcorn layer drizzled with love, otherwise known as caramel. Indeed, a new cruffin is born. The cruffin variation has caramelized popcorn and delicious caramel cream on top and is filled with white chocolate foam and sparkles with sugar. 

Dangerously good!

If our noses could smell sugar, we would be led directly to this sweet danger. Even without advanced senses, the sight of the cruffin lured us to give the popcorn topped cruffin a try.  

There were more than cruffins in the showcase, and we decided to order freshly baked buns accompanied by delicious cheeses and a cup of coffee. 

Then for dessert  – the cruffin, of course!

Once served, the cruffin became the muse of our photographer and no matter what angle, the cruffin photographed fabulously well. 

As we admired the cruffin, our host William gave a most incredible story of the cruffin creation challenge.  

“It is hard to resist snacking on popcorn all day…the snacking began to be a problem!”

Not a problem for us as we devoured our cruffin and made a dent in the popcorn reserves. We quickly experienced the cruffin creation challenge: how not to snack on dangerously good popcorn located within arms’ reach.

The same challenge exists for the cream-filled center. The white chocolate cream packed love and reminded us of how fortunate we are to be able to enjoy these blissful bites. 

As with everything else at Bread By Kaerup, there is a variety of cruffins but be aware that times change and if you should be keen on falling in love with this special cruffin then head over for a dangerously good blissful bite.

There is not much else to consider.

The new cruffin costs 30 kroner each and can be bought during opening hours – as long as supplies last. 

You can find Bread By Kaerups opening times here.

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