Wilder than ever: Huge Esports event fills Gigantium

by Ashton Christensen

Gamers and other curious folks can look forward to a renewed and larger edition of the Esports event Geeks Gone Wild.

When the festival opens on the 28th – 30th January 2022, it’ll be one of the largest LAN events in the country.

This event will be the wildest ever seen in Aalborg, housing up to 1400 participants in Gigantium.

“Last time, we hit it just right, with over 6000 entries and 1500 LAN participants.

It was without a doubt the wildest and largest event we’ve ever done.

By focusing on the fun, socialization and creating a good time for everyone attending the event, we ensured a larger turnout for Geeks Gone Wild than ever before,” says head organizer Lasse Kjær.

Creating one of the largest fighting game events in Europe

Geeks Gone Wild is making a brand new venture into fighting games, involving popular classics such as Tekken and Street Fighter.

Through a series of collaborations with some of the largest brands in the industry, it is finally possible to present an event that is among the largest in Europe. 

“We’re expecting a minimum of 600 participants for the fighting games, with room for up to 900, all of whom will be competing for the whopping 150,000 kr—prize pool.

The largest prize pool ever in a fighting game event on Danish ground.

It’s also right after the Covid period when the tourism sector took a big hit; there is a need to contribute to an otherwise low travelling time.

About 95% of participants for fighting games are coming from abroad, which we can already see with registrants from 13 different countries in Europe, including from Saudi Arabia and Israel. Therefore we can tell it will be the world’s elite who come to Gigantium to compete in January,” Lasse Kjær explains.

The organizer says it will be larger, crazier, and more violent than ever before, and tickets are selling quickly.

“At the last event, we gained quite the experience, and we intend to use it to create the most incredible gaming event ever in Denmark for everyone in 2022.

We have big aspirations and goals.

This time, we aim for 1400 LAN participants, 600 participants for the fighting games, and 5500 daily visitors.

Seen from a Danish perspective, this will be one of the most significant gaming events of 2022. 

To meet our goals, we’ve taken several initiatives to make it as fun as possible for everyone,” Lasse Kjær explains.

New +18 area 

“To cater to the adult target group of young men aged 18-35 who are true gamers, we’ve chosen to use one of the other halls to provide an intense and enjoyable gaming experience.

We’re focusing on a fun, social interaction and an atmosphere where there is room to concentrate on the game and where you can relax in a lounge area and have fun with your friends while watching cool stage matches in an exclusive space “Just for adults,” the plan reads.


Larger exhibition area for activities

The exhibition area has increased by almost 50% compared to the last event, where there will be activities from all aspects of the gaming world. The level of activity you can participate in as a visitor or as a participant, whether VR, throwing mouse mats or participating in giveaways, will be something worth experiencing. 

Finally, Lasse Kjær talks about the ongoing ticket sales, which have skyrocketed”.

“We have never received so many inquiries from clubs, schools, groups of friends or other institutions wanting to participate. Soon we will cross the milestone of selling 50% of our tickets. With all we planned to announce this November, the ticket sales will fly faster. We cannot wait to tell you more and welcome you to Geeks Gone Wild 26 from the 28th-30th January 20 “0.”

You can read more and buy tickets here.

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