Will cost eight million: A much-needed bike path in Aalborg comes to life

by Ashton Christensen
Photo: North Denmark Region
Photo: North Denmark Region

“Aalborg aims to become one of the country’s leading bicycling cities.

That’s the reason this is great news. An important bicycle link to the university hospital is finally becoming a reality.

This is great news for future staff, patients, and others who will be working at the new Aalborg University Hospital in Eastern Aalborg,” the Region of North Jutland writes.

In 2022, the Road Directorate will start working on an entirely new cycle path that makes it easier for cyclists from the east to get to and from the hospital.

The path will be built from the northern end of the hospital area (from the Egenserund roundabout) and will create a direct link to the existing cycle network, making it safe and easy to get to towns like Klarup and Storvorde.

An illustration of the new bike path.

Ready for 2023

The 1 km path will start in 2022 and finish in 2023. This means it will be ready for use as the new hospital becomes partially operational in 2023.

The bicycle path will be a single passage and follow Hadsund Landevej on the west side, turning into the hospital area, passing a new rainwater basin, the service city, and ending at the hospital.

A footbridge will be built to allow for crossing at internal roads. 

The cycle path is costly, and the 8 million kroner comes from a fund that parties in the Parliament adopted in connection with the Infrastructure Plan 2035.

The fund’s goal is to connect rural and urban areas better and increase accessibility.

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