Wine, sweat, and no tears: Try a genius wine-run on Friday

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

When we revealed the news that the genius event Run on Wine is taking place in the beautiful Drastrup Forest by Frejlev, southwest of Aalborg, a lot of our readers expressed their enthusiasm.

The event takes place this Friday, September 3, and if you’re up for trying the boozy run, there are still a few tickets left.

“We are so happy about all the support we have received. That is why we have put some extra tickets up for sale, but you have to hurry because we are close to being sold out,” Louise Bøgild, co-organizer of the event, tells MyAalborg.

“On top of this, we have expanded the concept with tapas, and we have added more wine merchants who will be handing out wine at the depots.

We have also bought shatterproof wine glasses with a printed logo as a medal for everyone participating. We have also rented a bar container and have overall upgraded all aspects to give the runners a fun and festive experience.”

Learn how the race works

Why hold a wine race?

“In France, it is popular to run marathon distances to visit wine castles, and we are inspired but these events. Although Frejlev does not have wine castles, we do have natures’ beauty. So we set up four wine stations, nested in nature, 700 meters apart.”

The race starts and finishes in a circular fashion around the beautiful Drastrup Skov, where fun and coziness are encouraged and supported.

The run is 3 kilometers around four wine stations. These refreshment stations offer red, white, and rosé to all the running participants.

kilometer byder på hele fire vindepoter, hvorfra der udskænkes rød-, hvid- og rosévin som forfriskning til løberne.

The price to participate is 250 kr and includes t-shirts for the first 150 sign-ups.

“You are welcome to meet up and run in comfortable clothes, but feel free to let your festivities shine through. Myself, I expect to wear a cocktail dress of sorts,” Louise says.

Lanterns, Danish hygge, and good humor

The route takes place primarily on wide paths and with a few single tracks in Drastrup Skov, decorated with glowing lanterns and flags.

Also, the design of the route enables you to meet and greet other participants.

Every 700 meters, you will arrive at a festive wine station. At the stations, there will be music and a friendly atmosphere.

There is a clear start and finish each time.

“You can run all the laps you can and wish. Suppose, for example, you run seven laps. In that case, you will have completed a half marathon while possibly consuming two bottles of wine,” Louise says with a smile.

The party continues after the race

A party tent will sell food and drink to the participants and spectators in the start and finish area.

“We hope that the tent will provide a cozy place to rest tired legs but allow the festivity to continue. All the necessary utilities, such as a toiletry and participants, only need to show their race number for more free wine.

We encourage you to leave the car at home, ride your bike there and then choose a safe mode of transport home.”

There are limited spaces available, and you can sign up here.

What: Run on Wine
Where: Drastrup Skov
When: Friday, September 3, at 18:30

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