You HAVE to taste this: Try a deluxe Milk-Slice cake in Aalborg

by Shellie Boudreau

If you recall a familiar childhood taste – what comes to mind?

We all agree here at the office: The classic Kinder Milk-Slice!

The classic Kinder Milk-Slice hit the Danish market in 1993. And this legendary snack has been known to satisfy sugar-hungry children for decades. 

But now the legendary snack is making a new appearance here in Aalborg.

Where can you find it?

The new bakery/café Fru Søgaard opened its doors only a short while ago.

They’re offering their version of a deluxe Milk-Slice cake as part of their regular assortment.

Of course, we were eager to test the new appearance of this classic childhood flavor.

The Milk-Slice inspired cake from Fru Søgaard resembles the classic milk sandwich with milk cream between two dark chocolate cake layers. 

The childhood-inspired cake from Fru Søgaard consists of classic baking ingredients such as butter, eggs, cocoa, wheat flour, and vanilla.

But the milk cream is where the excitement begins. Here we taste hints of cream cheese, lemon zest and, of course, the distinctive touch of honey.

As a slight twist, the MilkSlice cake is then coated with Gold chocolate at one end and topped with caramel cream and pistachio.

Here is the verdict

At our office there’s consensus that Aalborg’s selection of unique and delicious cakes has met a new star! It tastes REALLY good – and the talented bakers perfectly matched the classic Milk-Slice.

Do they know all Kinder’s secrets?

It’s just short of a miracle, or shall we say baking genius, that Fru Søgaard’s milk cream approaches the original and takes us back in time to our carefree childhood days, and it is precisely the middle of a milk slice that makes it so good.

The two pieces of cake taste more like a “real” chocolate cake than the refrigerated version from Kinder. The twist with Gold chocolate, caramel and pistachio only elevate the taste experience!

You can see our verdict on TikTok here:

@migogaalborg_official MÆLKESNITTE-KAGE FRA FRU SØGAARD I AALBORG 😱🥛🍫 Er den bedre end originalen? 🤔💭 Vi har testet det… 👀 Hvad skal vo teste næste gang?👇🏻 #fyp #migogaalborg #aalborg #frusøgaard #mælkesnitte #mælkesnittekage #kinder #kindermilkslice ♬ original sound – MigogAalborg_official

Can you resist the price?

The Milk-Slice wonder costs 30 kr. Or you can buy four slices for 100 kr.

And the opening hours makes it possible to eat a slice in the morning, afternoon coffee or a take-home for dessert. 

Fru Søgaard is open from 08:00 – 18:00 from Monday – Saturday. You can also buy freshly baked bread and a range of other cakes, stay for a visit or take these delicious items home or to the office.

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