A joyful unity: Aktuel, Peace, and Penny Lane have created the perfect Christmas present

by Shellie Boudreau

There was no short supply of uncertainty and challenges in 2020 as restaurants endured one restriction after another.

On the bright side of the looming uncertainty, the added pressure of the new restrictions sparked positive collaborations and local fellowship. Those who would otherwise be working alone are now working and growing together.

“Our industry experienced and faced challenges common to us all. Now we are turning it around, together, instead of worrying alone,” Anne König, owner of Café Peace located on Boulevarden, explains.

The perfect company gift

She’s now joined forces with her neighbors – Aktuel and Penny Lane – to create a perfect Christmas gift honoring good food and underlining a growing fellowship.

The Christmas gift is a package offer consisting of three gift cards, one for each café.

Should you purchase this Christmas package, you will receive:

  1. Six delicious open-face sandwiches from Aktuel
  2. Two cakes, two coffees, and five freshly baked buns to take home from Penny Lane
  3. One breakfast with coffee and juice from Café Peace

The Christmas package costs 460 kr and can be picked up at Aktuel from now until December 22, 2020.  You can also buy it online here.

“The package is a perfect gift, ideal for companies and firms, for example, that would like to pamper their employee by giving them three delicious dining experiences.

There is no need to use all thee offers on the same day; instead, you can stretch out the cozy experiences,” Lars Helmuth, owner of Aktuel, says.

The gift card from Aktuel is good for six home-made Danish open-faced sandwiches, and these can be enjoyed on your own dining table – or on the sofa for a really good time.

Something for everyone

“Together separately” became this year’s motto. This has been a challenging year for many, especially during the Spring where people held extra distance and some were separated from their loved ones.

Keeping in mind the hardships many endured, Lars, Jonas, and Anne has created a package to reunite and bring back the much-needed quality time to be shared.

“We need to be together. Is there any better way to do that than with good food?” Jonas Hütscher Hejlesen, owner of Penny Lane, says.

The gift card from Penny Lane includes two cakes, two coffees, and five freshly baked buns to take home when you are ready to leave.

If you are still hungry, you can cross the street and arrive at the doorstep of  Café Peace with a few steps. There you can use the gift card to enjoy one of Aalborgs’ most popular breakfasts.

Thus, the package is an ideal Christmas gift, and without a doubt, will satisfy all preferences.

The offer starts today and runs until December 18.  You can pick up the package between November 20 and December 22 at Aktuel. However, you can use the gift card all through 2021.

After you make your purchase, vouchers with the total number of packages are sent via an SMS.  To pick up the gift package, visit Aktuel and bring the vouchers, as shown on your telephone, and swipe.

If you plan to buy the Christmas package as a gift for employees, you can forward a single voucher to each employee. Then each employee can pick up the gift using their own telephone up until December 22.

Go  here to buy the Christmas Package

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