Extremely popular: More tickets released for REGAN Vest

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen
Photo: © Lars Horn / Baghuset.
Photo: © Lars Horn / Baghuset.

Last year something quite special happened in Northern Jutland. And the hype has been enormous ever since.

REGAN VEst has been a huge draw since they opened the doors to the Cold War Museum.

And now there’s good news for everyone who wants to experience or relive REGAN Vest – or at least for the quick ones.

Today, Nordjyske Museums opens for the sale of tickets for the new season in 2024, running from July 1 to September 8.

8,150 tickets have been put up for sale. And that may sound like a lot…

But last time Nordjyske Museums sold no less than 6,000 tickets in three hours, and they were therefore almost sold out in a single day.

You can find ticket info here.

Photo: © Lars Horn / Baghuset.
Photo: © Lars Horn / Baghuset.

Why you should visit REGAN West

With only very few exceptions, the tours to the atomic-proof facility at Rebild Bakker in 2023 were completely sold out.

And that in itself should be answer enough as to why you should visit REGAN West.

But if you’re still in doubt, we can help you along the way. Because MyAalborg has of course already visited REGAN West, and we can only give our warmest recommendations to book a ticket.

We’ve previously named it one of the “attractions” that you absolutely MUST experience in Northern Jutland.

On a tour in REGAN Vest, you’re only a small group of 10 people, making the experience even more authentic and intimate.

You don’t feel at all like you’re visiting a “major attraction” in Denmark when you’re walking around 60 meters underground with a professional guide and getting a unique insight into a very special piece of Danish history.

You get to get up close and personal with the course of history, and it’s a magical experience in every way.

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