Aalborgs’ first luxury cinema: Now it’s ready for guests

by Shellie Boudreau

“Sometimes it’s okay to be messy.”

Right now, that is the message from Nordisk Film Biografer Kennedy, and it’s definitely true.

Big things are happening at Aalborgs’ largest cinema as they massively upgrading their kiosk, hallways ,and foyer. Now another milestone is complete.

The largest cinema room, Sal 1, is completely renovated and ready for guests. But this isn’t just any renovation; the new upgrade will be Aalborg’s first luxury cinema theater.

“We are thrilled with the new look, but even more excited to give a luxury cinema experience to guests,” Jan Ringtved, the manager, explains to MyAalborg.

Jan Ringtved, manager of Nordisk FIlm BIografer Kennedy
Check out these luxury seats in Sal 1

Luxury sofa and cinema viewing experience

The total number of seats in the cinema was reduced from 362 to 192 to make space for a more luxurious viewing experience. 

Every seat is now a luxurious lounge chair with automatic adjusting and more space. 

Additionally, the entire first row offers a whole new level of luxury experience.

The row consists of comfy and spacious sofa chairs where you can lay back, sprawl out, and enjoy the show. Watching movies, sipping on your favorite drink and snacking on popcorn has never been better.

The inside scoop on the new “seats”

MyAalborg tested these new “seats,” and we can’t stop talking about them. 

To start, you can position your legs up and down easily with a button on the side of the seat. 

Even better, you can alter the neck rest, lift your feet, and create the perfect relax-and-watch experience. Everything is comfy – from head to toe.

No more fears of being seated behind a relatively tall person.  The seats offer a great view for anyone anywhere. 

We doubt you would even notice Snoop Dog, who is 6 feet and 4 inches tall, chilling in front of you. 

Soon all the theatre rooms in Kennedy will be upgraded with these luxury seats. In fact, Sal 2 is done now as well. 

“The plan is that all the chairs will be upgraded by the end of September,” Jan says.

The foyer and kiosk are getting a new look  

In addition to getting access to a luxury cinema experience while watching a show, guests can also look forward to other changes. 

To start, there are plans to upgrade the kiosk and foyer area.

“In week 43, we plan to overhaul the kiosk area completely.  I cannot give too much information now, but I can promise a remarkably new and enjoyable experience,” Jan says.

The foyer will feel far more relaxed, with carpets, dim lighting, sofas, and lounge areas. 

Jan informed us that the new cinema experience would be ready before Christmas if all goes according to plan.

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