After 13 years in Vingårdsgade: Thai2Go opens second location in Aalborg

by Shellie Boudreau

If you are from Aalborg and have a taste for Asian cuisine, then you most certainly have visited Thai2Go on several occasions.

The little “grill bar” in Vingårdsgade is trendy for those seeking pad thai to go. Especially if you are walking home from the city center – just like we have been doing for the past 13 years.

The small kitchen leaves little space for the talented chefs to toss and fry up the fresh vegetables, spices, and ingredients that give that flavourful Asian twist. The cozy nook is a great place to go but is often very busy, with only a few spots to stand while you listen to the cling and clatter of the pots behind the counter. 

Hence, there is some excellent news for them and those living a bit further away from the city center.

Much more space

Thai2Go revealed the opening of a second location building on their popular concept in Gugvej. You can find them at 186D, where The Lucky Potato once stood. 

If that location doesn’t ring a bell, then perhaps MUMS or LOOP Fitness might. These two other popular places will be neighbours to the new Thai2Go. 

There will be much more space, and the employees and guests will surely enjoy the extra square meters. However, you can expect the same great menu offers like that in the city center. Now you just don’t need to walk as far. 

Still the same great taste

The recipes at Thai2Go, run by husband and wife duo, Chano Villefrance and Anong Promwong, are built on many generations of culinary art and guarantee a unique and authentic taste of Thailand.

Their new location opened on the 16th of October with a so-called soft opening without any grand fanfare – but now they are definitely up and running, meaning you can go and visit Thai2Go vol. 2 whenever it suits you.

Thai2Go on Gugvej 186D is not yet taking online orders, hence all orders made through their website will still need to be collected in Vingårdsgade…. But you can see the menu here.

If you want to order from Gugvej, then you can call this number.

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