Attract and retain international employees: Join webinar by the International House North Denmark

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Did you know that companies that prioritize diversity among their employees actually earn almost 13% more than their competitors?

A large study by workplace experience and facility management company ISS shows that having international employees brings many advantages – from knowledge of markets to cultural understand and language skills.

But how can your company attract and retain these international talents?

Lasse Frimand Jensen, project leader of the International House North Denmark, will touch on this in a webinar on Thursday, December 17, at 14:00. 

The International House North Denmark

During the webinar, Lasse Frimand Jensen will share specific offer, activities, and tools to retain your company’s international workforce as well as attract new talents.

You’ll also be introduced to the offers and services provided by the International House North Denmark. These include access to a database with possible employees, online “pre-arrival” meetings with your new international employee and their accompanying partner or spouse, job seeking and networking for accompanying partners and spouses, and the Expat Host Program to mention a few.

“We are happy about our collaboration with the International House North Denmark, which has helped our international employees to settle in North Denmark both in terms of the official paperwork, advice, and offers regarding hobbies, transport, etc.

This handheld service gives our employees a good start in life in North Jutland,” Jacob Mølbach Nissen, chief technical officer at Gomspace, says.

Free webinar

The webinar is for any company, which is looking to hire or is interested in hearing more about the benefits of having international employees.

Participation is free of charge but it is required that you sign up here.

You will receive a link for the webinar and a guide on how to access it.

The webinar will be in English if non-Danish speakers are attending.

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