Big December news in Aalborg: Tabu expands with a tapas bar

by Shellie Boudreau

Recently, we announced some big December news on the food scene in Aalborg.

Restaurant Tabu, named Restaurant of the Year 2020, is expanding with a tapas bar for three weeks this December.

It’s the team behind Tabu who ran the popular tapas bar and restaurant CANBlau, which closed in 2019.

Now the CANBlau-concept is being “revived.” This time it will include higher quality ingredients and servings.

The tapas bar opens in Tabu’s expanded room in Vesterå where Ubat was located. There you can expect an excellent dining experience with top-notch ingredients served with meticulous detail.

Taste the best from all places

The concept is built upon several different servings that give rise to a taste and sample of the best from everywhere.

The price is set to a level where most can join in and enjoy dining at Tabu, the only restaurant in Aalborg named in the Michelin guide.

You can for example choose 6 servings for 350 kr, 8 servings for 450 kr and up.

There will also be schnapps, beer, and a variety of wines for 50 kr and up.

“Soon it will be Christmas, and what would Christmas be without the duck, chocolate, vanilla, or oranges? But there will also be caviar and fine quality ham,” Michael Miv from Tabu explains to MigogAalborg.

Examples of the servings are listed below:

Fox ham – tomato – grilled bread – olive oil 

Beef tartar – salad – mustard – flatbread

Risotto – truffle – parmesan

Caviar – blinis – peas

Limfjord lobster – salad – tomato

Wagyu beef – brioche – onion chutney

Book your dinner at Tabu Tapas Pop Up

  • Choose the number of servings
  • Choose arrival date and seating
  • Choose the number of guests
  • Add to basket and pay

You can book by following this link

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