Bogø Burger Week: Get Aalborg’s cheapest burger menu for just 49 kr

by Ashton Christensen

It’s a new week, and we’re introducing yet another good offer in partnership with the Bogø restaurant chain. 

This week we’ll exclusively offer Aalborg’s cheapest burger menu.

You get to choose a juicy burger, fries, and a canned soda for the price of just 49 kr. 

You’ll get more than 33% off the regular price at all of Bogø’s locations in the Aalborg area.

As a fun extra detail, you’ll be able to taste the Limited Edition MigogAalborg Burger for the first time.

This burger is layered with homemade aioli and filled with spicy chicken tenders, salad, cheddar cheese, and homemade pickled red onions and cucumbers. 

We’re fans, and we hope you’ll be as well!

Here’s how to order

  • Choose your desired burger
  • Choose the location you would like to pick up your burger menu
  • Bring the voucher that you’ll receive as a text message and redeem it at pickup
  • NOTE! The department WON’T receive your order before you come to the restaurant. That means it is NOT ready when you arrive. The staff will start preparing your menu as soon as they get your order in the store. Be aware that it can be busy and crowded at popular times such as lunch and dinner.

Pick up your burger at the following Bogø departments: Østerågade, Bogøgade, Reberbansgade, Tornhøj, and Gugvej 81 (which is currently named Rawfood but will change the name to Bogø this week).

MigogAalborg burger, 49 kr


American Bacon, 49 kr


Cheese Burger, 49 kr


Crispy Chicken, 49 kr



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