Bowls and toast: Go Green opens in Aalborg with delicious salads

by Megan McPhee Christensen

The food mecca in the west of town has a new kid on the block – actually, a whole new category that we think has been missing at Aalborg Streetfood.

Go Green is packed with filling salads and grilled toasties made with sliced sourdough bread.

Let’s start with the salads that we chose to taste when we dropped by the opening.

The food stalls salad bowls come in three variants: Chicken, flank steak (beef), and vegetarian (with falafel or tofu).

We opted for the two with meat – and let the guys behind the counter pick which dressings would be best.

Good, tasty and filling salads

The salad bowl with chicken – Chickira – contains edamame, salad, cabbage, avocado, corn, tomato, pepitas, feta cheese – and the most delicious part: two types of pan fried cauliflower that really taste brilliant with the spiced chicken.

When you prepare cabbage – and cauliflower – and nail the consistency so that it’s both tender and has bite, then the taste is incredibly good, almost umami with the deep sweet aftertaste.

Many cafés in town have a lot of raw vegetables in their salads, which end up being a lot of chewing without a lot of flavor. 

At Go Green, the taste is really next-level because they understand that some vegetables are better fried. It simply broadens the palate and gives more variation and satisfaction when the vegetables are sautéed or fried.

Kudos to Go Green. More of that at the cafes around town, thanks.

The vinaigrette with citrus gave the salad a delightful acidity and we supplemented it with the wasabi dressing – a Go Green signature – not strong, but sweetly spiced so even the kids will enjoy it.  

Chicken, flank steak and falafel

Beyond chicken, there are also bowls with flank steak and falafel.

The salad bowl with flank steak – Beefy – also contains edamame, salad, cabbage, avocado, as well as carrot, capsicum, pickled red onions, radishes, and sesame seeds.

The wasabi-dressing is an absolute must for the flank steak according to the Go Green guys. And they don’t go lightly with it.

If we had to give Go Green a tip, then they could consider adding a base of rice, quinoa or sweet potato to their bowls.

Go Green do of course sell sweet potato fries as a side – but the idea of having a salad bowl is presumably that you can fill up on it alone, and that wasn’t entirely the case for us, even though the taste was great.

Grilled toasties on sourdough

At Go Green, you can also grab a toastie filled with salmon and cream cheese, chicken and turkey-chorizo, sliced turkey, pest and mozarella or hummus and falafel.

The toast-side of Go Green also goes above and beyond. The bread is sliced sourdough that is toasted warm and crisp.

We think that you should stop by Go Green next time you want to enjoy a meal by the Limfjord.

The new food stall in Streetfood needs to find it’s footing – but the vision for delicious salads is definitely there.

Go Green ensures that you can get a really great salad at Aalborg Streetfood.

What: The new food stall, Go Green
Where: Aalborg Streetfood
When: Open everyday

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