Bring the city into your home: Introducing the new iconic Aalborg Posters

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Ever since MigogAalborg launched in 2016, our goal has been to highlight events, restaurants, and all the enthusiasts that drive the city forward.

Additionally, we have initiated several projects such as Aalborg Awards to promote the city and give locals the opportunity to show their pride and love for Aalborg. 

Our latest project is something entirely new that we’re excited to share.

We call it Spot Byen (City Spots).


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♥ SPOT BYEN I HJEMMET ♥ I de seneste år har vi set en tendens inden for boligindretning: Det skal være personligt. Når du vælger dit yndlingsmotiv fra @spotbyen, vælger du automatisk et stykke personligt og dekorativt vægkunst, der med sit enkle udtryk blender perfekt og ydmygt ind i de fleste hjem. Motivet kan derudover være med til at fortælle din historie. Måske er det din hjemby, som du nu bor langt fra. Måske har du skønne barndomsminder fra Vestre Fjordpark – eller måske er du stolt tilflytter, der ønsker at integrere din nye bopæl på dine vægge. Alle bagtanker tæller, og vi håber, at vores plakater kan vække stolte følelser i dig eller den, du vil forære dem til 🎁 #spotbyen #aalborg #plakater #boligindretning #interior

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Iconic symbols from the Paris of the North

Spot Byen is a creative cooperation that emerged between two local businesses, MigogAalborg and Fotograferne Vesterbro (photographers).

MigogAalborg is Aalborg’s largest media and keeps thousands of readers updated on life in and around the city on a daily basis – the same city, which has inspired Fotograferne Vesterbro’s many fantastic photos over the years.

It is thus an integral part of our DNA to be proud of the city we live in, and we wish to share this enthusiasm for Aalborg and its beauty with others.

A new series of iconic symbols, as captured by photographer Kjetil Løite, reflects this.

The series consists of 25 different photographs of Aalborg of which seventeen are sold separately in color or black/white. 

The remaining photographs are part of a collage and available as a poster or print on an exclusive aluminum plate. 

Stylish designs for any home

In recent years, we have seen a certain trend in interior design: It has to be personal.

When you choose your favorite motif from Spot Byen, you gain a piece of personal and decorative wall art that is both simple and timeless, and which complements almost any home.

Perhaps the motif of your choice holds a story worth telling. 

Maybe it’s from a place you once called home – or perhaps you’re a proud newcomer who wants to showcase your love for the city.  

Maybe you have a special childhood memory from Vestre Fjordpark? Perhaps you have walked past the iconic Cimbrertyren on Vesterbro in complete darkness, or maybe you’re thinking “what could be more Aalborg than Aalborgtårnet (The Aalborg Tower)?”

In any case, it’s a perfect way to bring Aalborg into your home. We hope you’ll feel proud when placing these posters on your wall or gifting them to someone.

The poster sizes are 50 x 70 cm and 70 x 100 cm and can be delivered or picked up at Fotograferne Vesterbro.

For the remainder of September, we’re offering an exclusive 20% discount. Just use the code ‘clubaalborg20’ when you check out your poster on the website. The website is in Danish but it’s fairly straightforward to use. If you’re unable to make the purchase, you can stop by Fotograferne Vesterbro on Vesterbro 47 and buy them directly.

Tailor the design to your business

In addition to the stylish posters for your home, Spot Byen also offers specially designed wall art for companies.

Our unique Aalborg-collage, which is a collection of iconic photos of the city, is aesthetic and urban.

The photo collage is a composition of meticulous detail and creative arrangement as the angles and lines naturally transition into each other. 

The Aalborg-collage is printed on easy-to-hang aluminum plates and is available in three sizes, the largest being 140 x 240 cm.

We also offer the option of tailoring the collage design precisely to your needs. Perhaps you wish to have a picture of your business positioned centrally; this picture would then be photographed by Fotograferne Vesterbro and included in the collage.

Several companies have already embraced the idea and decorated their businesses with the Aalborg-collage. You can experience it for yourself by visiting BACO in Nørregade. 

We hope that you’ll embrace our new project and join us by sharing your pride and admiration for the city.

You can see more, read more, and of course shop more right here.

When you make a purchase, 6% of the profits are donated in support of CoolUnite Fonden (The CoolUnite Foundation).

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