Brunch all day long: Popular café reopens with delicious news

by Shellie Boudreau

There is something special about having brunch at any time of the day. 

It sets the scene for a very relaxed day, and if you are a brunch connoisseur, På Fjorden may just become your favourite spot – thanks to the new owner who is reopening the cafe.

The 30-year-old, Nikola Lang, took over the café at the North Urban Art Studio. Just like before, she will continue the offers of sandwiches, salads, homebaked sourdough bread and croissants – and naturally, coffee and cakes.

The featured menu item is their brunch and can be ordered when the café opens and until closing. 

“I love brunch,” Nikola Lang explains with a smile.

“With us, you can get brunch any time of the day. This means you can get up or early or sleep in late and still enjoy a delicious brunch.”

The editorial team at MyAalborg was easily sold and eagerly ventured over to check out (and sample!) the all-day brunch specialty.

Detail-oriented and fit for London tea

The café has a similar look and feels, and the same logo still marks the spot.  There is no need to change much as the space and location are absolutely fantastic. You visit an art-mekka when you enter the North Urban Art Studio.

The seating and lounge area is one of Aalborg’s coziest locations, and all the furniture is second-hand, recycled and lush with vibrant colors. 

The menu is where you find some of the most exciting changes, and you probably guessed that we are referring to the brunch.

To start, the brunch consists of some classics such as scrambled eggs, bacon, thyme, crackers, blinis with cold-smoked salmon and wasabi mayo, crisp toppings, brie, jam, grapes, air-dried ham, pesto, salad, tomato, skyr, chocolate mousse, mini croissant, sourdough bread, rye bread, and butter. 

Yet the way these classics are served is something entirely different. The brunch is served as a two-tier setup fit for royal afternoon tea.  

With a feeling of fine dining, we lifted our forks and tasted the elegantly presented brunch. Indeed, the appearance lived up to the taste too. 

Everything tasted great, including the homemade sourdough bread and unique cheese selections from Arla, the basil pesto, and skyr with strawberries and a classic crispy topping.

Homemade and organic

Most of the items on the menu are homemade and made from scratch using organic ingredients.

Before the new menu, På Fjorden was known for high-quality baked goods made by the previous owners.  Indeed, many guests will be happy to hear that these high-quality goods are still being made by Nikolas’ talented hands.

If you are not quite ready for a hearty brunch, you can always swing by for delicious cake and coffee or orders some baked goods to take home. 

While at the café, don’t forget that you can browse through the spacious art studio. The North Urban Art Studio hosts over 20 artists and their workstations in the 1200 m2 space. 

The space and workstation are both a showcase and studio for the artists to work and sell their art. 

The unique approach gives North Urban Art Studio a fantastic atmosphere and a genuinely authentic art experience when you visit and see and smell fresh paint, paint splatters, and spray cans as evidence of work in progress. Suddenly you are immersed in the heart of creativity. 

“I love coming to work every day amongst many happy, creative, and talented artists.

When my son arrives, he always takes off his shows, as this place feels like home,” Nikola says when referring to the art studio community.

What: Fjorden reopens with brunch all-day
Where: The cafe in North Urban Art Studio, Akvavitvej 23
When:  Wednesday – Friday from 8:00 – 17:00, Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 – 15:00, Closed on Monday and Tuesday.

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