Brunch guide: Where to find Aalborg’s best brunch

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Whoever came up with the idea of combining breakfast with lunch deserves a medal.

Brunch could be the answer to world peace; I mean, how often do you have to discuss whether eating brunch is a good or bad idea.

Aalborg has become quite the brunch hotspot and when we asked our readers to suggest their favorite places, we received countless suggestions.

We compiled a list of the brunch spots mentioned the most and went off on tour de brunch.

The following list is alphabetical.

Brødrene Price

Our first stop was Brødrene Price, which is located on C.W. Obels Plads.

The restaurant is owned by two brothers who have opened multiple restaurants all over Denmark where they share their love of food.

We have previously mentioned their gourmet-brunch and since launching it, many of you have stopped by to try the lavish menu.

Their brunch plate is of course built on the foundation of existing favorites:

Scrambled eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, cheese, marmalade, yogurt, freshly baked croissant, and homemade bread.

It may sound pretty standard but what separates this plate from others is the list of optional sides.

Some of the options are:

Salmon-salad with salmon roe and fried capers, eggs florentine, roast beef with onion relish, stirred tartar on toasted bread, fries, oysters, and bubbles.

… and best of all, there is no limit on how many of these delicious sides you can order.

Price: 150 kr – sides from 35 kr.
Time: Saturday and Sunday, 10.00 – 12.00

Café Peace

You can hardly present a fair brunch-guide in Aalborg without mentioning Café Peace and luckily, our readers agree.

The very popular brunch-plate changes from season to season but the quality and taste is stable year-round.

“Organic yogurt with fruit syrup and homemade granola, scrambled eggs with sausage from the butcher and crispy bacon, roasted chicken breast supreme, charcuterie of the season with rosehip chutney, cold-smoked salmon with cream cheese, organic cheeses, fresh fruit, homemade brownie with caramel, freshly baked croissant, freshly made sourdough bread from the baker, Ryå butter, and marmalade from Hybengården.”

Coffee refills are included in the price.

Café Peace is evidence that a “café brunch” easily can compete with restaurants. They have successfully managed to put together an inviting, classic brunch where taste, ingredients, and quality come together.

On top of that, the atmosphere is relaxed and no one will even look twice if you order your tenth coffee refill.

The only minus we can think of is the sheer size; it felt almost impossible to finish the whole thing. Do you dare to take the challenge?

Price: 155 kr including coffee/tea
Tidspunkt: Every day, 09.00-14.00


Café Peace also offers a brunch plate for children:


Are you hungry? For brunch? Like, really hungry for brunch? Then visit Helmuth. Period.

If you think that Helmuth is just a festive cocktail-bar, you are sorely mistaken.

On Saturdays and Sundays, they bring out the big guns and offer a huge brunch-buffet where there is something for everyone.

“Brunch buffet”

That is how Helmuth describes their brunch, and who can really blame them for lacking words when there is so much to choose from.

Of course, you are guaranteed all the classics; scrambled eggs, croissants, warm liver paté, American pancakes … and so, so much more.

Do not be fooled by the aesthetic of our plate – we really tried!

All in all, Helmuth is an excellent example of how the quantity of food does not necessarily affect its quality.

Price: 199 kr including free café latte, cappuccino, tea, coffee, and freshly squeezed juice
Time: Saturday and Sunday, 10.00-14.00


When we asked our followers to be completely honest in their assessment of Aalborg’s best brunch spots, MEAT received more than a few recommendations.

Served on a tall, wooden board, their brunch-plate does have an almost majestic quality to it. You need only lean slightly forward and open your mouth before commencing the grand feast.

“Warm scrambled eggs with dry-cured bacon and fresh parsley, seasoned brunch-sausage roasted on a grill, a selection of charcuterie, skyr with strawberry coulis and crunch, chicken-salad, cold-smoked salmon with mustard dressing, cheese, fruit, chocolate sauce, waffles”

Served with apple or orange juice, coffee/tea ad libitum, freshly baked bread, and butter from Ryå.

MEAT’s brunch-plate both tastes and photographs well – and we have to commend them on their bread, which was excellent.

Price: 169 kr including coffee/tea
Time: Monday-Thursday, 10.30-13.00, and Friday-Saturday, 10.30-14.00

Musikkens Spisehus

This is not the first time we have mentioned this particular brunch. Far from it actually.

Musikkens Spisehus was a bit of a hidden gem that without a doubt deserved to be thrust into the limelight.

That happened in 2019 when they won the award for Best Breakfast/Brunch at Aalborg Awards.

“Charcuterie from Rævhede, Greek yogurt with strawberry compote and homemade muesli, Faroese salmon, fresh cheese and avocado, scambled eggs with wild hog sausage and fresh chives, Gammel Knas cheese with compote of buckthorn and apricot, waffle with vanilla creme, fruit-salad and crunch, liver paté with toasted mushrooms and crispy bacon, heart salad with tail of crayfish and dill, crisp toast with herb boiled ham and cream havarti, freshly baked bread, rye bread and croissant, local butter from Aabybro Mejeri”

Despite having enjoyed this particular brunch-plate multiple times, we still cannot find a single fault.

Every bite is like music to our ears (only it is our tastebuds singing), and if you have not already swung past the restaurant, we highly recommend that you do.

Price: 145 kr, drinks not included
Time: Saturday and Sunday, 10.00-13.00

Penny Lane

Penny Lane‘s brunch may be the cheapest in this guide but that does not mean that it can not keep up with the rest.

It is evident from the taste that the café employs its own bakers and confectioners because the baked elements from this brunch-plate are excellent.

“Organic yogurt with syrup and granola, ham, salmon mousse, cheese, fruit, sweet, pesto, and salad”

The classic elements such as scrambled eggs, bacon, and liver paté may be missing from Penny’s brunch but the different homemade specialties more than make up for it.

Price: 105 kr, drinks not included
Time: Every day of the week


If you want to go all-in, Penny Lane also offers a Luksus Brunch (luxury brunch) that consists of oven-baked eggs with leeks, bacon, and brunch sausages. The luxury brunch is also available every day of the week from 10.00-14.00 and costs 145 kr.

Restaurant Jørn

When you eat at Restaurant Jørn, you are not only treated to the best view in Aalborg but also one of the best brunches.

At Jørn in the Utzon Center, food is art, and you are always guaranteed an Instaworthy serving of food.

“Charcuterie, olives, herb mayo, tomato, Danish chesese, gooseberry compote, baby peaches, crispbread, handpicked shrimp, avocado cream, lemon gelee, chips, creamy scambled eggs, chorizo sausage and crispy bacon, mazarin cake, berry puree, tonka cream, Greek yogurt, rhubarb compote, muesli and fruit, homemade bread and butter”

The beautiful plate made of fresh and season-based ingredients blends perfectly with the world-famous setting of the restaurant, and it is difficult to determine whether it is the food or the surroundings that make you feel blissful.

It is probably the combination.

Price: 145 kr, not including drinks
Time: Every day until 14.00 (only for the entire table)

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