Candied almonds and warm churros: The Christmas truck is opening by Salling

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Autumn break is just within reach and that means that we once again can welcome the characteristic Christmas truck, which parks in front of Salling every year.

The owner of the truck, Alexander Pedersen, confirmed the news to MyAalborg.

The truck will park in front of Salling’s entrance on Algade this Saturday, October 15th, and is thus ready to dish out delicious Christmas treats for everyone in the coming months.

Warm churros and other treats

“True to tradition we will sell candied almonds and warm churros of high quality.

We will also offer candied apples and later on in the season, we will also offer chocolate-bananas. Many were sad that we did not offer them last year, but they are back,” Alexander Pedersen from the truck says.

The Christmas truck opens Saturday, October 15th.

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